Remembering 22 Rucking Event

A worthy cause and challenging event took to the streets of Spring Hill on Saturday, May 2nd. Rucksack toting runners took off from their starting line on Mariner Boulevard on a 22 mile urban course for the first “Remembering 22 Rucking Event”. At each mile mark, 22 reps of 22 different exercises were completed by each of the athletes. The event captured the curiosity of onlookers and prompted questions, which was exactly the objective of the run.

The purpose behind the challenge was to promote awareness of the epidemic of veteran suicides that are reported to take place 22 times a day among U.S. vets. Undisputed Runs, LLC of Spring Hill is a small business with a big cause and is the developer of the “Remembering 22 Rucking Event” as well as a plethora of virtually hosted, charitable runs available nationwide. Saturday’s run in Spring Hill marked the company’s first live event and proved successful in raising awareness of the widespread, tragic occurrence of suicide among United States military servicemen.

Undisputed Runs, LLC sponsored Operation Enduring Warrior for the tribute rucking event. Operation Enduring Warrior is a non-profit, veteran operated organization that exists to empower wounded veterans. Statistics that show the veteran suicide phenomena are believed to be directly or indirectly due to physical, emotional, and mental injuries acquired as a result of their call to service.

The Founders of Undisputed Runs, LLC, Jose Alonzo and Jocelyn Giancarlo began their endeavor about a year ago when a longtime friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They were inspired to take proactive action to raise funds and pay tribute to this cause thus, Undisputed Runs, LLC was born. Today their niche business has raised over $1800 for 8 different charities.

The company’s vision is to create “A Movement of Champions for a Monumental Cause.” They embrace a healthy living lifestyle and advocate for personal fitness. One of the owners, Jose Alonzo, better known as Cheloman, is the only Hernando County two time boxing champion and is a personal trainer at Cheloman Fitness.

People from all walks of life and all ages are encouraged to take part in a fully customizable, virtual run via Virtual runs allow participants to chart their own course and choose their own distance, upon completion results can be uploaded and a medal is awarded from Undisputed Runs, LLC. The runs are especially popular among marathon trainers and typically cost around $25. Charity sponsored runs are directly benefitted and receive $5 per run.

A Hernando County salute to our wounded veterans through the partnership of Operation Enduring Warrior and Undisputed Runs, LLC.

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