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Don Barbee Jr. Resignation Letter

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It is with a tremendous amount of excitement yet some sadness that I submitted my resignation as Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller effective January 7, 2019. My irrevocable resignation is a requirement under Florida law so that I can qualify to run for Circuit Judge.

It is a rare instance in life when we find a career that we are truly passionate about. I know that feeling well. I was passionate throughout my law enforcement career as a police officer, FBI agent and then as a prosecutor under Brad King. I was also passionate about being your Clerk for much of the time I have sat in this seat. I am so incredibly grateful to Karen Nicolai for giving me the opportunity to learn from her and later supporting me to succeed her in office. I feel almost apologetic in leaving but I know what that passion feels like and am ready to find it again as your next Circuit Judge.

The hardest part about resigning will be leaving the team of amazing professionals that make up this complex organization. So few people know what the Clerk does and my team has been committed to making sure that when you do interact with our office you never leave saying “typical government.”

I am truly excited about this next chapter in my professional life. There are nearly 800,000 people in the 5th Circuit and I hope to meet as many of them as possible. As with any election, this process should be treated like a long job interview with the outcome being your vote on August 28th. Thank you for the chance to serve Hernando County as your Clerk and I look forward to our interview.

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– Don


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