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Cyber Security at Suncoast Technical Educational Center

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A career field with a lot of potential for growth is cyber security. Large corporations are starting to require that their third parties have verifiable cyber security. This makes sense as Target was hacked through their HVAC (Air Conditioning) vendor. Other companies have been hacked via unexpected routes including a casino who was hacked by someone accessing their fish tank software and from there stealing sensitive information. No matter the size of the company, cyber security is becoming more important.


Suncoast Technical Educational Center offers a certificate program in cyber security. This program is open to all adults whether or not they have a GED or high school diploma. If they lack a GED or high school diploma, they can take placement tests to see whether they need remedial classes.  Suncoast Technical accepts the former military financial support. Suncoast Technical also works with partner agencies: Career Source, Mid Florida Community Services, Vocational Rehab and in some cases they can help with tuition.

The Suncoast Technical cyber security course is a two year program.  It uses the TestOut online training courses. There are explanation videos, demonstration videos and tests. The students earn three certificates during the program: PC Pro, Network Pro, and Security Pro. These certificates are not accepted by PHSC. There is the opportunity to earn additional certifications from CompTIA (a leading tech association): A+,  Network+, and Security+. The test out exams get you ready for the CompTIA exams and if you earn the certification, PHSC will award you 8 cert hours towards a degree. So if you pass all three exams you will have 24 credit hours, if you choose to get your Associate’s Degree.

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In addition to online courses to prepare to pass the exams they also cover current cyber security events in class to put the cyber security training into context. This classroom interaction can assist the students in being able to pass the exams.

Sun Tech’s cyber security program is located on the Nature Coast Technical High School campus.  You can find out more information at https://sunteched.com/ .

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