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Hernando School Superintendent’s Contract Terminated

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The Hernando County School Board voted 3-2 to terminate the contract of Superintendent Dr. Lori Romano.  The three board members who voted in favor of ending the contract were Beth Narverud, Susan Duval and Linda Prescott. The two opposed were Mark Johnson and Gus Guadagnino. Dr. Lori Romano’s last day is June 30, 2018.

The Hernando County School Board approved a new 4 year contract with Superintendent Dr. Lori Romano on January 26, 2016. The motion to approve Dr. Romano’s contract passed 3-2 at the meeting on January 26, 2016 with Ms. Duval and Ms. Naverud voting against it. At the time the position currently held by  Linda Prescott was held by Matt Foreman.

A week prior to the contract renewal in 2016, Dr. Romano was a finalist in Osceola County, vying for the Superintendent position with a salary range of $185,000 to $225,000.  She was not chosen for the job and then was able to negotiate a salary increase as Hernando County School District Superintendent.  Prior to the 2016 contract renewal Dr. Romano’s base salary was $120,000.  The new contract allowed a $20,000 increase in base pay for year 1 and incremental increases in year 2, 3, and 4.  Currently in year 3 of her contract, Dr. Romano’s base pay is at $150,000 per year.  In year 4, base pay would have increased to $155,000.  

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