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Billy the Kid to visit the 1885 Train Depot Museum in Brooksville

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear the story of William H. Cox II, “BILLY THE KID.”  He recounts his adventure of 30 years ago when he experienced a life-changing event that found him literally living in the footsteps of the legendary figure of the wild wild West, William H. Bonney,  known infamously as “Billy the Kid.”  Billy has written an autobiography about his life and adventures entitled: “The Adventures & Times of William H. Cox II, Billy the Kid.”  

Thirty years ago, Billy took a road trip to Roswell, New Mexico to learn about the land and history of that place after seeing the movie “Young Guns.”   Little did he know he was headed for an experience that would change his personal history and had everybody in the SouthWest saying that New Mexico’s notorious son was back.  

As Billy recounts,  he was twenty two years old and full of energy.  Arriving in Roswell, New Mexico, he stepped off the bus, not knowing where to go.  He just went with the direction of the wind.  It led him to the Roswell Museum.  As he walked into the museum, the historian immediately approached him and said he looked just like “Billy the Kid.”  “What is your name?” asked the historian.  “Billy,” he replied.  The museum historian’s mouth dropped!  “We need to get you to Lincoln,” he said, which was about sixty miles from Roswell.

So began his adventure as “Billy the Kid” in Lincoln, New Mexico.  Billy the Kid had returned in the person of William H. Cox II, who bore an uncanny likeness to the Kid.  Let the Kid tell you the rest of the story in person where he will make his book available and answer questions.  You will learn not just about Billy the Kid, you will learn that life is full of adventures and you don’t have to be ordinary, you can be original!

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EVENT LOCATION: 1885 TRAIN DEPOT MUSEUM; 70 Russell Street; Brooksville, FL 34601

EVENT COST:    $10      

RSVP    352-799-4766

(20 seats available)

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