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Brooksville City Council approves FY 2019 budget

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Brooksville City Council held its final public hearing to present the FY 2019 budget on September 12, 2018.  Without citizen comments, and little discussion at the dais, Resolution 2018-14,  the balancing of the budget at the 6.2000 millage rate was approved unanimously.  The new millage rate is an 11.14% decrease from the prior year’s rollback rate of 6.9775 mills.

The entire budget for FY 2019, officially Ordinance No. 896, passed 3-2 with Council Member Joe Bernardini and Mayor Betty Erhard as the no-votes.   Bernardini and Erhard voted against the budget as presented, since they favored a lower rate for salary increases for city employees.  The budget for FY 2019 is to take effect October 1, 2018.

During the first budget hearing on Sept. 5, Finance Director Jim Delach presented the changes to the general fund budget respective to recent meetings. He reported a reduction in general fund revenues by $68,410.  Delach explained the decrease is partially due to revenue from the sale of a $50,000 fire truck winding up on this year’s budget.  Another truck that was planned to be sold for $20,000 will be retained as a reserve for the fire department.  This sale increased the carryover from 2018 by $82,908.

Delach reported a $65,779 increase in general fund expenditures, primarily due to the 5% city employee wage increase that was approved by the council at the August 27, 2018 special meeting.  Also included in this budget is money slated for merit increases for managerial and executive staff.   Delach also factored in a $10,000 decrease in special revenues in Council’s budget.

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Other departments expenses show anticipated increases with reductions in reserves, largely due to salary increases.

Interim Fire Chief Ron Snowberger recommended that the non-ad valorem fire assessment will remain the same as the FY 2018 budget, which is actually a reduction from what was put in the Truth In Millage (TRIM) notices.  The council approved this resolution 3-2, with Council Member Joe Bernardini and Mayor Betty Erhard opposing.

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