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Hernando Superintendent announces staff changes

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During the April 23rd school board meeting, Hernando County School Superintendent, John Stratton received Board approval to implement a reorganization plan designed to refine staff roles, streamline responsibilities and address areas of critical need such as teacher recruitment and maintenance.

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The approved organizational chart returns the school district to a leadership structure featuring 2 assistant superintendents, each of whom will oversee three divisions. The position of ‘Deputy Superintendent’ has been eliminated. Changes within the divisions are few but, most notably, is the separation of Student Services from Exceptional Student Support Services.

The positions of Director of Maintenance and Supervisor of College and Career Programs will be posted. All others are noted below.

Starting July 1st, the following changes will take effect:

• Heather Martin will become Assistant Superintendent of Business & Support Services

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• Gina Michalicka will move from Executive Director of Academic Services to Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning

• Challenger K8 Principal, Lisa Cropley, will leave her current post to become Executive Director of Student Support Programs

• Jill Kolasa moves from Supervisor of Student Services to Director of the Student Services Department

• Michael Maine, Principal of Spring Hill Elementary, will become the district’s first Senior Recruiter – a position created to find and attract talented professionals to Hernando Schools in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace

• F.W. Springstead Principal, Carmine Rufa, will take the helm of Fox Chapel Middle School, a position that opened when current FCMS Principal Ray Pinder, accepted the position of Director of Human Resources

“It is no secret that our school district has been operating with limited staff resources. We are committed to remaining fiscally wise, however, I believe the school district has reached a point of diminishing returns. We are trying to address increasing responsibilities and shorter timelines with too few staff. This reorganization represents an opportunity to be responsive to our community’s expectations and as well as to the needs of our students,” Superintendent John Stratton said.

Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein has over 35 years experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with neurologically impaired adults. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of South Florida in Speech Pathology. Leslie specializes in caring for individuals who have been effected by multiple medical conditions both acute and degenerative. Populations she cares for includes, but is not limited to, patients suffering from the symptoms of Stroke, Parkinsons, Alzheimers/Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS which can adversely affect communication, cognition and swallow. Many years of experience has provided her with extensive knowledge and skills when developing individualized therapeutic techniques to help these patients return to their prior level of functioning or improving the quality of their life.
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