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Bleacher Talk: Central Bears Regional Quarter Final Baseball Against Atlantic Sharks

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Beautiful night to play ball. On May 15, 2019 Central Bears went up against the Atlantic Sharks. The Sharks walked out onto the Bears’ turf. Bears didn’t like it and came out growling.

Let’s Play Ball.

Top 1st

Up to bat first is Sharks #1 Dalton Hurst going up against Bears pitcher #10 Rashaad Boyce.

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Rashaad threw the first pitch, STRIKE !!  Boyce struck out Hurst. First out of the game.

Next up Sharks #13 Alex Turner, tipped the ball and was thrown out on first by Bears catcher #1 Ryan Ebberup. Second out. Sharks #7  Christian Pregent stepped up to the plate with two outs against the Sharks. Pregent smacked the ball hard, everyone thought it was a goner but hit the base of the fence. Bears kept Pregent to a double. Bears pitcher Rashadd throws to second to pick off Pregent, but was missed and Pregent ran to third. Next up for the Sharks #3 Sebastian Spada, hits a high bounced ball, second baseman throws to first, ball missed again and Spada now stands on first with Pregent on third. Sharks Wyatt Hollman #14 hit a short bounce to Pitcher Boyce who picked it up and threw Hollman out on first, for the third out.

Bottom 1st     

First up for the Bears is #5 Trey Adler. Adler will be facing Sharks pitcher #9 Austin Asbill a lefty. Asbill struck out Adler for the first out. Bears #10 Rashaad Boyce stepped up and hit a high pop up which was caught by first baseman for the second out. Bears #32 Justin Gay steps into the batters box, and Asbill struck out Gay making it the third out for the Bears.

Top 2nd

Bears took the field. First batter for Sharks #6 Evan Jackson, struck out by Rashaad. Next batter #21 Noah Pepe  sounded like he tipped the ball but was called as strike out making it two outs. #5 steps up to the plate, but the game was held up by coaches and the refs talking, most likely how Pepe was struck out. Sure enough Pepe stepped back into the batter’s box and got a single.

Rashaad throws the pitch to #4 Luke Bentley and Pepe steals, Bears catcher #1Ryan Ebberup attempted to throw Pepe out on second but he was called safe. #4 Bentley hit a bouncing drive and got on first while Pepe came home. Next up was #1 Dalton Hurst, when #4 Bentley was stealing second when Bears Catcher #1 Rayan Ebberup threw Bentley out on second for the third out.

Bottom 2nd    

Up for the Bears #1 Ryan Ebberup, hits a single pass pitcher. Stepping into the batter’s box is #34 Locke Weissman he also hits a single to right. Next up #12 Deve Ayala hits: bunt fly out and catcher throws Ebberup out on second. #33 Jimmy Russell gets a foul tip causing the third out for the Bears.

Top 3rd    

Bears take the field while Sharks #1 Dalton Hurst steps up to the plate. Hurst hit a drive to second but ball was missed by 1st baseman and was safe. Sharks #13 Alex Turner hit a bunt fly to pitcher for the first out of this inning. Sharks #7 Christian Pregent steps up: tips ball,  Hurst stealing second, catcher didn’t get a grip on the ball and just misses getting Hurst out. Pregent hits and gets on first as Hurst ran to third. Next up #14 Wyatt Hollman, hits to the shortstop who throws to first but ball not in control and Hollman safe on first, while Hurst came home. Pregent who stole second also made it home. Batters #6 Evan Jackson hit and out on first and Sharks #5 Dominic Brutto struck out ending the inning. Sorry but I think I missed something in this inning.

Bottom 3rd   

While Sharks step onto the field, Bears #22 Taylor Mulock steps up to the plate which he is still facing Sharks pitcher #9 Austin Asbill.  Mulock tips ball and is called out. Bears #27 Nick Marsicano hits and is taken out. Next up #5 Trey Adler hits down third and was thrown out on first.

Top 4th

Bears step back onto the field with zero runs against Sharks 4 runs. Sharks #21 Noah Pepe hit a grounder to second and thrown out on first, one out. Sharks #4 Luke Bentley took a long reach for the pitch and struck out, second out. Now Sharks #1 Dalton Hurst steps up with two outs against the Sharks. Hurst hits a drive to second and was thrown out on first, ending this inning for the Sharks.

Bottom 4th

Bears get up to bat with no runs, #10 Rashaad Boyce is the first up to bat for the inning. Rashaad hits grounder out to center field. Next up #32 Justin Gay gets a single out to right field, while Rashaad is sliding into third base just in time. With Gay on first and Boyce on third #1 Ryan Ebberup steps up to the plate. Ebberup hits a single out to right field as Boyce came in for the Bears- first run of the game! With no outs against the Bears, #34 Locke Weissman standing in the batters box hits a shot to center field giving him a triple, which brought in Gay and Ebberup. There is a meeting on the Sharks’ mound and Sharks changed up pitchers. Warming up on the mound for the Sharks is pitcher #27 Casey Dare. Bears #12 Deven Ayala hits to second but is taken out on first, Bears first out. Next up for the Bears #33 Jimmy Russell gets a hit past the shortstop and gets on first. With Russell on first Bears #22 Taylor Mulock steps up, hits a bounce to second base, second base throws to shortstop standing on second base throwing out Russell, Sharks’ Shortstop throws to first and takes out Mulock running to first. Sharks first double play puts an ending to Bears’ inning.

Top 5th

Bears take the field pumped up and the Sharks are still facing Bears pitcher Rashadd Boyce.

First up this inning for the Sharks is #13 Alex Turner. Boyce throws a pitch and hits Turner and he takes first base. Next up #7 Christian Pregent for the Sharks, Pregent fouls back. Next pitch from Boyce hits Pregent and now that puts two players on base. With Turner on second and Pregent on first, #3 Sebastian Spada steps up, hits to pitcher and is thrown out on first, one out.

Sharks #14 Wyatt Hollman steps in the batter’s box, Hollman bunted Pitcher Boyce picks it up throws to first which was missed but Bears backup #22 Taylor Mulock was there which caught the ball and took Hollman out making it two outs. In the meantime Turner came home making it five runs for the Sharks. Sharks #6 Evan Jackson got up to bat, but again Boyce hit Jackson and he took first base. Boyce hit three players so far this inning, but got it under control and struck out Sharks #5 Dominic Brutto making it three outs.

Bottom 5th

Sharks take the field with the Bears having 5 runs and Sharks 4 runs. Bears #27 Nick Marsicano going up against Sharks’ pitcher #27 Casey Dare. Marsicano went down swinging with the Bears first out this inning. Both Bears #5 Trey Adler and #10 Rashaad Boyce were walked by Sharks pitcher Casey Dare. With Adler on second and Boyce on first, #32 Justin Gay steps up to the plate hits a single, Bears have bases loaded. There is another Sharks meeting on the mound, again changing pitchers. Now the Bears will be facing Sharks pitcher #32 Nelson Jones. First up to bat facing a new pitcher is Bears #7 Christian Pregent. Pregent hits a drive to left field as Adler and Boyce come home. Now stepping up to the plate is Bears #34 Locke Weissman which was walked by Sharks pitcher Jones. Bears have bases loaded and there is another Sharks meeting at the mound. Once again the Bears are faced with another Sharks pitcher #24 Danny O’Brien. Bears #12 Deven Ayala will face O’Brien, which slammed it right between first and second getting a single. With Ayala on first and Weissman on third Bears #32 Justin Gay struck out with Ayala and Weissman running. Weissman ran home making it 9 runs for the Bears and Ayala was caught up in a hot box between first and second which made the third out for the inning with Bears #22 Taylor Mulock set up next to bat.

Top 6th

Bears hit the field needing to hold the Atlantic Sharks. Sharks are still facing Bears Rashaad Boyce. Sharks batter #2 Kevin Walsh steps up against Boyce and struck out. Next up #4 Luke Bentley also struck out making it two outs. Sharks player #10 Seth Jones steps up and Boyce hit him, Jones goes to first. Sharks #13 Alex Turner up, Boyce pitches and Jones steals second but Bears catcher throws and they get Jones out. Three outs, Bears held the Sharks to no runs.

Bottom 6th

Sharks take the field hoping to hold the Bears. Bears #22 Taylor Mulock steps up to the plate once again and hit a very high foul ball, Sharks catcher takes the ball making it Bears first out. Next to the plate is Bears #27 Nick Marsicano then #5 Trey Adler which both had struck out. Sharks held the Bears.

Top 7th

Bears take the field if they hold the Sharks they take the game. This is the only chance the Sharks have to at least tie the game.  Sharks #13 Alex Turner gets up and hits to left field getting a single. Bears have a meeting at the mound. Boyce goes to center field, Ebberup is now pitching and Soren Corbin catching.

Next up to bat for the Sharks is #7 Christian Pregent who hits to shortstop, Turner is thrown out on second and Pregent is now on first. Sharks #3 Sebastian Spada hits a bounce ball to third, and third baseman didn’t get it to first on time to take Spada out. Sharks #14 Wyatt Hollman tipped off and it was the second out for the inning. Dominic Brutto #5 was walked to first. Sharks have two outs and now, bases are loaded. Now Bears pitcher Ebberup has to clean it up and put an end to this game. Sharks #12 Henry Dickmann is now facing Ebberup, Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three. Ebberup came through for the Bears ending the game with a Win.

Central Bears 9 against Atlantic Sharks 4. Bears are moving on.

The Bears will travel to Orlando to play Bishop Moore (49th in the state) in the Regional Semi-Final on Saturday May 18, 7PM. Good Luck Bears!

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