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What matters at the County Commission Meeting? 07.30.2019

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Grants Matter

State grant for building department generator

Through this program, Hernando County will purchase and install a generator at the Building Department on Providence Boulevard which will help to ensure continuity of critical systems and operations in the event of a loss of power.
Brings in $160,558.50 from a federal cost share
Building department must match 25% or $53,519.50

Authorization for state firefighter assistance grant for SCBA gear and protective apparatus

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The county fire department will apply for this grant to fund the purchase of a Self Contained Breath Apparatus, SCBA Air Cylinder 4500 PSI and SCBA Face Piece MSA G-1 with an estimated cost $66,965. 
They’d also like to use the grant funds to purchase Personal Protective Equipment – Helmet, Bunker Coat, Bunker Pants, Boots, Gloves, Filtered Hood, Gear Bag, Belt, and Traffic Safety Vest. Estimated cost $29,024.30.
There would be no local matching funds required.   Authorization to apply for the grant was approved.

Grant for Sheriff’s Office purchase of patrol car camera and additional digital evidence storage

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has awarded the FY 2017 State Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant to Hernando County in the amount of $32,534.
On August 14, 2018, the Board authorized the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) to apply for this grant. These funds will be used to purchase (1) In-Car Camera for Patrol and additional storage for Digital Evidence.

Told the DEO, grant no longer needed

Due to a lack of applicants and insufficient timeframe, Board Chairman Jeff Holcomb signed a letter to Federal Department of Economic Opportunity stating the county will not be utilizing the Community Development Block Grant for disaster recovery resulting from Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew and therefore would not be executing the associated Subgrant Agreement.  The block grant was initially for an amount of $3 million, but was reduced to $1.719 million.

Subgrant agreement with City of Tampa approved in order to be eligible for certain homeland security grants

The county has entered into a subgrant agreement with the city of Tampa to be able to apply for federal Homeland Security grants under the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI). Counties that are part of the Tampa Bay UASI are eligible to apply for federal grants that are intended to improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency management, fire service, hazardous materials teams, public works, public safety communications, healthcare and public health.
As a condition of receiving future grant funding from the UASI program, via the local administrative agency, this interagency agreement is required by the City of Tampa. 

Explorer K-8 Sidewalk Project grant 

An agreement supplemental between FDOT and the county has been received so that funding can now be distributed for construction activities associated with the Explorer K8 School Project. The project includes the construction and construction engineering inspection (CEI) activities of the Explorer K8 School LAP project. This project was accelerated from FDOT fiscal year 2023 to FDOT fiscal year 2019.  The grant provides the County reimbursement by the FDOT up to $1,039,110.00.

Contracts Matter

The following were approved without board discussion.

Final Close-Out of Contract With Cross Construction Services, Inc., for T-Hangar Demolition and Materials Recycling to Revenue (Contract No. 18-CG0168/DK; Amount: $214,506.98)

Ranking Order and Contract Negotiations With Guardian Community Resource Management for Grant Application Writing and Administrative Services for Small Cities Community Development  Block Grant Projects (RFP No. 19-RG0009/BK)

Ratification of Term Contract Utilizing City of Sunrise Contract No. 15-30- 05-MS With Fort Bend Services, Inc., for Increase to Purchase Order for Supply of Polymer for Utilities Department  (Amount: $19,296.00; Total: $109,296.00)

Utilization of State of Florida Contract With Shaw Industries, Inc., for Purchase and Installation of Carpet (RQ191104; Amount: $42,779.11) and With Almost New Painting for Painting In State Attorney’s Office (RQ191135; Amount: $15,454.00) (Total: $58,233.11)

Ordinances Matter

Second Public Hearing to Consider Ordinance Amending Land Development Regulations Regarding Subdivision Regulations

The board voted 5-0 to continue this hearing for 30 days to allow multiple people and agencies time for proper review. 
Commissioner John Mitten questioned if stakeholders have had enough time to review the changes and provide feedback, given the short time span since the June meeting.   Planning Director Ron Pianta reported that a deadline to pass the ordinance is not in place. 
Realtor and member of the Hernando County Business Alliance, Buddy Selph asked the board for another 30 days to review the ordinance, due to the numerous changes to review and discuss for understanding. 
The purpose of the ordinance is to change language that was regarded as restrictive, deleting words such as “must” and “shall” and to expand and clarify sections relating to half-streets, cul-de-sacs and other roadway concerns.  The 14-page ordinance contains numerous other deletions and additions that aim to reduce the length of the ordinance and provide better description.

Real Estate Matters

Declaration of County-Owned Real Property Located at County Line Road and Cobblestone Drive as Surplus Property/Consideration of Unsolicited Purchase Offer Submitted By RKM Development, Corp.

The property (5.4 acres) was previously owned by The Deltona Corporation. It was deeded to Hernando County for use as a Public Park when they developed the area. The deed restriction as to Park use has since lapsed in 2007. No active deed restrictions or reverter clauses were found relating to this property. The offer to purchase the property is being made through a realtor on behalf of RKM Development Corp., a Florida Corporation, for the sum of $625,000.00. The Hernando County Property Appraiser currently places a value on the property at $54,000.00. Its current designated land use is “Parks/ Rec Area.” Proposed Buyer is  a registered corporation in good standing with the State of Florida.   Commissioners unanimously approved the surplus designation and unsolicited purchase offer.

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