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DeSantis Approves Aquatic Preserve Designation

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Governor Ron DeSantis has signed and approved the legislation which designates submerged coastal Hernando County as an Aquatic Preserve, in accordance with Florida Aquatic Preserve Act of 1975.   In part, this sets limits on submerged lands related to dredging, building, seawall construction, well drilling, excavation and sale of submerged lands.  

The bill seeks to protect underwater vegetation, and also protect private property rights of home and landowners, stating in part:  “Regulation of human activity within the preserve in such a manner as not to interfere unreasonably with lawful and traditional public uses of the preserve, such as sport fishing, commercial fishing, boating, and swimming.”

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In regards to riparian rights of coastal property owners, the bill states in part, “The establishment or the management of the preserve may not operate to infringe upon the riparian rights of upland property owners adjacent to or within the preserve.”

The bill says the Department of Legal Affairs may issue fines of $5000 per day against a person who violates any rule or regulation issued.



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