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Medical Clinic thankful for new ultrasound machine

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Hernando Sun Staff


November’s Friday the 13th was definitely not an unlucky one for Obria Medical Clinics – West Central Florida. They were fortunate enough to receive a brand new ultrasound machine, at no cost of their own. The givers are the Knights of Columbus Ponce De Leon Council #8074 who partnered with the 4US organization and the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus in matching donations. These organizations raise money through fundraising events and donations. They do this so that 4US can provide a new ultrasound machine to a clinic in need every year, sometimes partnering with other organizations. The 4US organization aims to illuminate hope for pregnant women, which is why they make providing ultrasound machines their mission. They also offer other free services to women with the goal of bringing the joy of motherhood and a loving network of support.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic charitable organization. Their mission: “We are Catholic men building a bridge back to faith. There is much good and necessary work to be done in this world, and that’s what Knights do every day.” So, charity work and giving is the heart of their work and faith. Most Reverend Gregory Parkes Bishop of St. Petersburg wrote a note dedicated to Obria Medical Clinics – West Central Florida congratulating them on their new ultrasound machine. In the letter he recognizes the Obria Medical Center for the important service they do for the women of this community. He also thanks the 4US foundation for matching the funds that the K of C raised. He ends the letter with, “God has a purpose for this machine at this location — to save lives. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit works.” 

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Speaker Steve Kowalski stated, “In June of this year, we had extra monies left over and wanted to help another council who was working on the purchase of an ultrasound machine and push them over the top if possible.” The Knights of Columbus expanded their search and came across Obria Medical Clinics. Last year Council #8074 was fortunate enough to donate a new machine to a pregnancy careline center in Port Charlotte. Then they placed a refurbished ultrasound machine in a pregnancy center in Tallahassee. This enabled them to purchase a brand new machine to gift Obria Medical Clinics – West Central Florida.

Cheryl Bennet, Executive Director of Obria Medical Clinics, says this new ultrasound machine is truly life-saving, the images are so much clearer than the previous one. 

Obria Medical Clinics are women health clinics that offers services like pregnancy testing, ultrasound imaging, STD testing and treatment, parenting classes, abortion consultation, and much more. They have offices located in Brooksville, Spring Hill, Port Richey, Hudson, Homosassa, and Weeki Wachee. 


Access to prenatal services for women is imperative for quality of life for both the mother and child. There’s no imagining how many women and families they are going to help with this new ultrasound machine. 

Key members in the donation of this ultrasound machine are:

Cheryl Bennett – Executive Director, Obria Medical Centers

Randele Cross – Pregnancy Center Liaison, 4US Organization 

Edward Kelly – Grand Knight, K of C Ponce De Leon Council #8074

Steve Kowalski – Trustee, K of C Ponce De Leon Council #8074

Lawrence Burns – Financial Secretary, K of C Ponce De Leon Council #8074

James Kantor – Director of Life, K of C Ponce De Leon Council #8074

Robert de Rose – District Deputy of K of C State of Florida, District 35


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