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Bill would allow permitted guns on campus

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by Pat Raia
[email protected]

Those who have concealed carry gun permits will be allowed to carry firearms on college and university campuses under a measure recently introduced into the Florida House of Representatives.

Filed by Rep. Anthony Sabatini, HR 6001 would amend current Florida concealed carry permit law by deleting the provision forbidding permit holders from carrying a firearm or weapon on the grounds of a public college or university campus.

In a social media message, Sabitini argued that allowing law-abiding permit holders to carry firearms would make campuses safer.

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“The current prohibition of the concealed carry of a firearm makes campuses less safe,” Sabatini said in a Tweet.

Andy Pelosi, Co-Founder/Executive Director at The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus disagrees.

“For example, in the cases of sexual assault, the victim could be armed, but the assailant would be armed also,” he said.

In addition, firearms left in dorm rooms or in backpacks could become targets for weapon-seeking thieves.

“It’s a safety issue,” Pelosi said.

If passed, HB 6001 will become effective on July 1, 2021.

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