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Area Builders Show off their Wares

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As most people know, real estate sales, as well as home values in Hernando County are skyrocketing. Agents can’t keep up with the demand. For those looking to buy a home, the answer can lie in purchasing a new home. 

This was the purpose of the Showcase of Homes that took place February 26 – March 14.  Eleven builders participated, including Alexander Custom Homes; Artistic Homes; Dream Custom Homes; Hartland Homes; Legendary Construction and Remodeling, Inc.; Palmwood Builders; Pastore Homes; ProBuilt US, Inc.; Royal Coachman Homes; and Shiloh Construction Corp. These homes ranged from about $160,000 to approximately $300,000.  Of course, that does not include the land or impact fees that have to be paid. However, for growing families to empty-nesters, a brand new home is sometimes the answer to their real estate needs. 

According to Patricia Bochert, new home consultant with Artistic Homes, they were busy during the two weeks of the Showcase of Homes. 

“We had quite a few lookers, but some serious buyers also. It has been a great way to get business in the door,” Ms. Bochert stated. 

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Artistic Homes had three different models to view – the Grand Floridian, the Grand Cayman, and the Grand Bahama. The three-bedroom/two-bath home I toured, the Grand Floridian, had an asking price of $210,900. 

The next home I toured was also a three-bedroom/two-bath home built by Pastore Homes. It was the St. Martens model priced at $148,900. Pastore offered twelve different models at varying prices and square footage. 

A couple viewing that home was looking for a multi-family home with a three-car garage. The nice thing about going directly to a builder is that the builder can custom-build a home for you. 

“We would like a porch so that we can enjoy the outside,” Mrs. Jones (not her actual name) remarked. 

“We haven’t made up our mind [about a particular house] yet,” stated Mr. Jones. 

According to the sales agent at the home, business has been “pretty steady” this past year. 

With forty years in the real estate game, Archer (last name not given), who was showing that particular model, has seen the highs and lows of real estate, including the boom times of the market in the early 2000s and the drastic drop in the late 2000s. An interesting statistic about the current market is the request for multi-family units such as duplexes – as investments and as a source of income for someone who wants to live in one half of the duplex and rent the other half out.  There is also the need for two-family homes to accommodate elderly parents or adult children coming home to live for a while. 

The last home I viewed was one built by Hartland Homes, a company that offers homes from the low $180,000s to the upper $200,000s range. Hartland had three models featured in the Parade of Homes. 

A couple touring this home already owns a home in Spring Hill but were looking to upgrade. 

Mr. Smith (not his actual name) stated, “We want a custom-built home – one that has a large master bedroom with a large shower.” 

Marc Aguina, an agent with Re/Max Marketing Specialists, worked in the building industry in Illinois, then became a law enforcement officer, and has now gotten back into real estate. 

“I’m a people person and I love helping people, especially new home buyers because of their excitement,” Marc commented. “It [business] has been crazy busy.” 

All in all, the Showcase of Homes was a success and a good indication that the economy in Hernando County is thriving.


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