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Exceptional Patriotism: The People’s Convoy

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Today I share with you all one of the most important and memorable times in my life. As previously written, the journey was attempted weeks ago but was thwarted, due to odd and unforeseen circumstances. It was not meant to be, at least, not at that time. The second attempt got off to a rough start, as I lost another tire going through North Carolina. I may have lost a day, but it got fixed, and it was full steam ahead. Being retired, and doing this without my wife alongside me made the first part of the trip different. I had no schedule to stick to, or a logbook to worry about. With the F.M. radio on the blink, some of the states seemed longer than usual.

Once the People’s Convoy camp was made in Hagerstown, Maryland, learning how things worked was the next task and there were no problems there. Never have I been among such a large group of people, short of Christian conventions, and seen such organization, and camaraderie. Here, the career truckers melded with people using camper trailers, R.V. motor coaches, and a group of “tenters” as well. There were even people sleeping in their cars, and pickup trucks. Many of them came to the full journey all the way from California doing this.

The routine I witnessed and adhered to, was a morning meeting at 9:00, followed by the lining up of the different vehicles, to be pulling out by 10 am, and headed to the Washington D.C. area. This procedure was something I had never experienced. Although I have traveled in convoys (mainly with other fuel transporters), it was never more than 8 trucks. Here, there were a couple of flatbed rigs, with various flags attached on poles to the decks. At least 25 “Bob tails” (tractors without trailers), a hand full of RVers, and then at least a couple dozen cars and pickup trucks, all adorned in flags and patriotic banners. The plan is to circle the beltway, and at I-395, the spur that gets traffic closest to the Capital, go up and show them some love and lay on the horns going past the mall, and over the rivers.

Once on the interstates, the line stretched for over 3/4 of a mile. I can’t even imagine what the convoy line was like the first day they formed from camp to hit the D.C. loop. They told me it stretched for over 5 miles! Now keep in mind that most of these people had big bills that were to be reckoned with, and many drivers were going to be away from their jobs and their families for quite some time. When I arrived at the site, many of the “long-termers” that were there from the start, were only a few days short of being gone for a full month. Now remember this the next time you see a bumper sticker or T-shirt with the slogan “Freedom isn’t free!” While I was absent, the group encountered many obstacles, and if you could imagine sleeping in a tent in 20-degree weather for multiple nights, or trying to sleep in a cramped car or truck, this to me would be nearly unbearable.

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But they (now we) come in peace, not setting fires to businesses, or beating up the elderly with skateboards. This is truly history being made, without violence and death. Then there is the experience of the faithful crowds of patriotic overpass supporters, who have been waving their flags since the first convoy truck rolled under them. One great memory so far from the three days of being with them was of a single elderly woman, alone on an overpass in 40 degree morning weather. I would say that she was between her late ’80s and early ’90s. She had a large flag on a pole that towered over her head. It must have been a massive effort for her to swing that rig to and fro, but there she was! On the down side, there were many “bird-flippers” and one overpass spectator that should have been put in jail. I got the report over my C.B. radio that there was a man all dressed in black, with a large bag and he was throwing rocks at us drivers. Now, many people have been injured, and even killed by these thoughtless acts of hatred. So when I neared the overpass, I became anxious. Sure enough, as I neared the overpass, he reached into the bag and pulled out an object the size of a baseball. The next thing I did was to quickly see who or what was on either side of me, so I would not be receiving the “missile” through the windshield. (I’ve not told my mother back in Brooksville of this, and am thinking that she gets to experience the news the same way as all you other readers). This experience for me and the others alongside of me is truly historic, and the other “controlled media” are missing out on a big event that may never be duplicated again.

When the Canadian truckers had their try at it, the supposedly democratically elected leader Justin Trudeau, went “communist” on them, even to the point of seizing their bank funds, and the accounts of the store owners that tried to feed them!

At this time of writing, I am holed up in our travel trailer, drying out from going to an on-site rally here at the Hagerstown Speedway site. The rally featured speeches by Dr. Paul Alexander, and Dr. Robert Malone and at least three volleys of sleet, and wet snow. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! Dr. Malone had assured us that the stories of deaths and severe injuries from a now “needless jab,” (his words, not mine) were in fact truthful, and what we were trying to accomplish was indeed noble, and playing on the right side of history.

Besides the doctors’ testimonies today, I have had countless meetings with common folk, like you and I, who once were deemed heroes last year, only to be kicked to the curb for exercising their God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights of denying a product (that doesn’t even have normal F.D.A. approval). As I have said in the past, if you want to endure this process, so be it, but knowing what I know now from the countless horror stories I have heard (and that is in just a few days and nights) I will plead to the public that will read this: Before you submit to injecting an unapproved serum in to a family member (mainly talking about the younger ones), do your homework on this as if your VERY LIFE was at stake.

In their last evening meeting, there was a vote taken as to staying longer around D.C. or fighting against some radical issues soon to be forced on the people of California. They voted to do the trip soon, so I shall be prepping to head home as my little truck has seen too many sunsets to be going to California! It has truly been an experience. These people are not doing this for personal gratification. Their drive comes from exceptional patriotism.

Steven Goodwin
Steven Goodwin
Steve Goodwin is a recently retired Christian conservative veteran (of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division), who still feels that "duty to country" did not end when the military uniform got hung up. He and his wife Cecelia live on the edge of a beautifully wooded tract of land just south of the bypass, and are involved in not only church activities, but also attend school board meetings and local community action events as well.
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