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Volunteers: Heart and Soul of America

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by Steven Goodwin

This is the second story of two, derived from embedding with the “People’s Convoy,” a gathering of patriots who set everything aside to drive across the United States of America to draw attention to the atrocities of misused power, during and after the pandemic scare. This part is mainly about the volunteers that were the glue that kept everything together.

So, today is the last full day at camp (the parking grounds at the Hagerstown Speedway in northwest Maryland). It was decided a few nights ago that the main group going by the “People’s Convoy” are to leave here on Thursday morning, and head on a more southerly route, going to California. There are some new and extremely socialist (in nature) bills that will be up for the coming election cycle there, and this group will be a loud voice against them. A smaller group called the “Freedom Convoy” will be staying back on the east coast side, to keep pressure on the radical left agenda in Washington D.C. While I have been embedded with this gathering, many of the people have given their testimonies of how the COVID-19 mandates and vaccine-related ordinances have affected their lives. It is no small task to organize a movement such as this, and it takes much work, time, and logistics invested to pull it off. In my supplied photo, I have shown some of the “Soup Kitchen” volunteers that keep the people fed.

There is an elderly couple that caught my attention, and for them to be in the thick of the action, was quite remarkable. Richard and Sarah Smith had been traveling with the People’s Convoy since it left Adelanto, California weeks ago. The amazing thing that really caught my attention, was their ages. Richard is 87, and his wife Sara is 84. They have been serving humanity, and God for decades, first through mission work and now this “Convoy.” The younger lady pictured with the Smiths is Amy. She was there for many hours of volunteering as well. The large canopy was their makeshift kitchen, and rain or shine, fair weather or below freezing temperatures, they were there to supply a warm meal to the people around them.

Another volunteer (not shown in the photo) is a woman named Wendy Dominski from New York. She is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 10, who dropped everything to help serve the group with her skill sets. She mentioned to me that she had worked for many years in the medical field, and foodservice as well. In fact, she said that she had one time in her life owned a successful restaurant. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her medical working colleagues in her latest field of work were in a lot of fear for their lives but were strengthened by the fact that they were seen as heroes in their community. After getting the dreaded sickness, then beating it, she refused the vaccine (due to her knowledge of medicine, and now having ample antibody defenses of her own). It wasn’t long before her hero status was turned to villain! The New York mandates finished that job off for her! She mentioned to me that the prior morning while in food service capacity, she broke 10 flats of eggs for morning breakfast, and it was right at 21 degrees that morning! Ms. Dominski could on some days be found in the soup kitchen, and other days manning a medical “M.A.S.H.” looking tent, that served as a first-aid station (for light distresses and injuries).
Everywhere I turned, these teams of volunteers worked through their respective duties with kind words, and always a smile on their faces. Speaking with these people was quite educational, in the fact that we in our region of the country (Florida), have it a lot better off than the countless “Blue” zones, where the vaccine mandates are daily ruining people’s lives, and tearing families apart. The stories I heard nearly brought them (and me) to tears!

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This situation that our country is in should have never been allowed to happen. But alas, it is here, and we must manage through it. Now, the party in charge will try to keep their power and position through the next election cycle, mainly because if both the House, and Senate get overturned, many of the “pushers” of these mandated sins could be tried, and locked up.

Is there any way that you can share the gifts that God has blessed you with, to help our country pull away from the downhill slide that is going on? It is going to take sacrifice and commitment, but ask yourself this: Is our country that our forefathers, and mothers fought, sacrificed, and many even died for, worth our efforts at such a time as this? The time for acting is now, and if not now, then when? As I witnessed from the elderly couple working in the soup kitchen, you simply cannot and should not refrain, and turn aside from doing the right thing!

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