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Students give thanks, then feast.

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Wider Horizons School has been organizing a Thanksgiving feast for decades. The school purchases several turkeys, and parents take them home to prepare and return them to the school.

Different classes make the sides, and the entire school enjoys a Thanksgiving meal. Preschool students bake cornbread, while primary students make green beans. Lower elementary students contribute cookies and cranberry sauce, while upper elementary students make mashed potatoes. Junior high and high school students make the stuffing.

This year, the Thanksgiving feast was on Friday, Nov. 18. The entire school gathered in a circle and said a prayer of thanks for the food they were about to enjoy. The preschoolers, primary, and lower elementary students sang various Thanksgiving songs. Some upper elementary students read their compositions about what they are thankful for.

After the prayer circle, the students returned to their classrooms, where they enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal. Food was served by the junior high and high school students. After eating, the junior high and high school students cleared tables and cleaned dishes. Then classes went outside for recess and there was a huge football game for the junior high and high school students.

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