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Making the Switch to Early-Morning Workouts

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One of the common complaints among people who want to be more active is that they can’t seem to fit exercise in when work, school or family responsibilities get top billing. According to the Better Health Channel, lack of time is a common perceived barrier to physical activity, with men age 30 to 50 saying they are typically too busy with work and family commitments to exercise regularly. And when leisure time is limited, they’d much rather choose recreational activities over heading to the gym.

There are many ways to make exercise fit into a busy schedule, and one of them is to switch when you exercise. Opting for early-morning workouts can free up time later in the day. Plus, there are some benefits to getting a fitness fix in while the sun is rising. Get started with these tips.

• Skip afternoon caffeine and evening alcohol. Getting up early to exercise will likely require an adjustment period. One way to make it easier to rise and shine a few hours earlier is to limit behaviors that can make it hard to get out of bed. Coffee and other caffeinated products can make it challenging to fall asleep at night if consumed too late in the day. Alcoholic beverages, while they may cause you to fall asleep faster, adversely affect sleep quality. When sleep is compromised, you may be more inclined to hit the snooze button.

• Gradually move your wake-up time. Progressing slowly by waking up about 15 minutes earlier each week can help you achieve your goal without it being a big shock to the system. As you build up to the new wake-up time, fit in short workouts in this newly acquired free time.

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• Consider a home gym setup. If the thought of venturing out to a gym or another facility in the wee hours of the morning his unappealing, think about outfitting a space in your home with workout equipment. Doing so may facilitate an early fitness routine.

• Prepare workout gear the night before. The lifestyle experts at Real Simple suggest laying out workout gear and other items needed for the day the night before. This way you can get up and out quickly without forgetting things.

• Enlist a buddy to exercise as well. Having someone to whom you are accountable can help keep early workouts on the docket. A workout pal can motivate you to get exercise in, and you can do the same for your partner. If someone is counting on you, you’ll be less likely to skip a workout.

There are benefits to early workouts. Healthline says that early morning workouts are best when the heat rises during the day and you’ll be doing outdoor activities. A 2018 study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that those who exercise first thing in the morning often choose healthier foods and eat less the rest of the day. Many who exercise early report greater overall energy and focus throughout the day as well.

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