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The U.S. Constitution: We Must Defend It

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The U.S. Constitution of the United States is the spirit of America. It outlines that all legitimate power extends from those who are governed. Do you remember voting for anything that happened in the last four years? Do you remember voting for our borders to be opened? Do you remember voting for billions of dollars to be sent to Ukraine? Do you remember voting to be silenced and censored?

Most citizens are oblivious to what we have lost. The Constitution and its intention are the root of our salvation. No government of any sort has the authority to change what is written in the Constitution. Representatives are elected into office to serve the people. Once elected they serve two factions. First to get into power and, then do whatever it takes to remain in power. These individuals are far from caring about our best interests. As we ponder on how to take our country back. There’s no better time than now to talk about the Constitution. Until enough people understand the unforgivable and unlawful disregard of the Constitution that generations of politicians have committed. Then nothing can be done to write the wrongs. The critical importance of the Constitution was understood for the longest time and it was defended.

I challenge you to find me a freer country that protects individual rights better than the U.S. Find me a country that protects its citizens from its government better. Find me a country that lets its citizens do the most important thing we can do as human beings, pursue truth. Without our Constitution, America would be far worse than mediocre.

Let us never forget the fact that there is but one piece of paper protecting us from tyranny. May that fire of freedom never go out. The Constitution is ready to protect as much as it ever was. We just have to read and understand it. We must defend it.

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Marvin Baynham is a Christian husband, father, firefighter, and conservative. Public service comes easy for Marvin because he does it for a living as a firefighter. Marvin understands the power of servant leadership and how to bring the community together.

Marvin’s website: https://www.baynham4hernando.com/

Paid by Marvin Baynham, Republican, for Hernando County Commissioner District 3.


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