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Comments on the Spring Hill Waterfall, Keep or Discard?

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Personally, I’ve only been living in Spring Hill for the past 6 years or so, with family living in this area for a little while longer. As somebody who owns multiple properties in this area, and knowing that our property taxes are constantly and drastically being raised, I would hate to see the funds going towards this kind of project right now. I understand the need to change traffic patterns for the better, and that part of it sounds nice enough, but there are other areas of Spring Hill and other roads that are in desperate need of attention, much more so than a little waterfall sign. I understand that there are people in the area that view that waterfall as historic, and although I respect that, I personally just don’t care about it. It would be nice to see it maintained and maybe the landscaping touched up in that area, but I would prefer to see road repairs instead. Somewhere like county line road, where just a handful of months ago, there was an accident involving the death of a pedestrian, that happened right in front of me and was quite traumatic, because the roads are so dilapidated… I would love to see something like that road fixed up instead of a stupid sign. Or even northcliff boulevard that has always been such a bottleneck and narrow road with crumbling edges as well. It seems wasteful of our county to use our funds on something as silly as updating a sign.

—Liz Baker

It would be very nice if that Spring Hill entrance could look like the Timber Pines entrance, which has a first class appearance.

—Hanifah Munadi

Please! Keep the Logo Wall Springhill. It looks like a Welcome Wall.

—Edgar Guzman

In my opinion the Spring Hill waterfall needs to be saved. I believe volunteers would take pride in the upkeep of the landscape if the County will not. However I am by no means an Engineer but would think there is a way of transforming the waterfall so that the same water flows thru over and over again thereby not wasting our precious water. Save the infamous Waterfall.

—Donna Huber

Hernando County… Spring Hill Waterfall
I can remember taking my 7 year old son there in 1997 to plant Poinsettia in memory of his father who passed away that year. That waterfall has meaning to us who live here. We still live in Spring Hill. I work on Commercial Way ( 19 ) just a block from the Waterfall. Sure it needs some love but it’s been a staple here my son’s whole life he will be 34 this year… Save the Waterfall

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—Angelia Edington

Keep the Waterfall !!!

—Salvatore J. Parrino

With the new influx of people to Spring Hill we should be able to afford maintenance of the Spring Hill waterfall. If we have anything to say about this, I for one would rather we keep the welcome mat to our town. I have seen the change to my community’s water fountains at the entrance of our great community and be replaced with flowers only. I am not privy to the cost differences in the fountains as opposed to new flowers added continually but I doubt the cost differences are great.
I would love to see the Spring Hill waterfall repaired and kept up for all to enjoy, for new and old residents. The fact about people parking on the grass around the display should not be allowed as it is a detriment to the upkeep and beauty of the display. If people feel the need to advertise their feelings they should do so in a less disturbing way. Maybe in a parking lot and park on pavement.

—Paul Minichillo

Concerning the Spring Hill waterfall it is no longer relevant. The cost of electricity and use of water alone doesn’t justify its existence. Adding to the cost of maintenance and repair is not cost efficient. Keep it simple. There is no downtown to draw people to Spring Hill Drive, just older homes and a road in dire need of new blacktop. This does not constitute a grand entrance to nowhere. If anything a welcome sign to Spring Hill on 19 on the north and south ends would be proficient.

— Heidi Herber

Can’t imagine this not being here anymore. It is iconic and part of our history.

—Marsha L. Reiniers

All the money wasted on sidewalks to nowhere and Taj Mahal buildings in this county you would think they could plant a few flowers and maintain an iconic part of this county.

–Richard Miller

Keep it. It’s a landmark. Update it but Don’t remove it. Use our tax dollars for something good.

–Wilma Miller-Marshall

Keep it. Don’t remove it, remove the commissioner’s

–Georgette Sanchez

Keep it But maintain it like they did years ago.

–Maryann Hamilton

Discard , put another Dollar General Store

–Mark Arvay

They could actually make it really nice if it was maintained properly. That’s the problem, nothing is maintained in this county. Drive down the road and any landscaping trees are overgrown and completely covered in moss. It looks disgusting. Spend some money to beautify where we live. It looks awful.

–Ian Earls

Easy solution: Move the flagpoles to behind it, pressure clean, and paint. Install led lighting, put in perinatal flowers with color, and a few cascading plants on each side.

–Rosellen Jenkins

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