Bystre Lake overflowing

Photos by Cheryl Clanton

Bystre Lake is overflowing again into pastures down Mondon Hill from Weatherly Rd to WPA. Here are some of the pastures that are being affected. The lake overflows onto both sides of Mondon Hill. The flow goes from the north side of Mondon Hill straight across to the first pasture past Weatherly on the south side then flows east to fill the pastures. When it reaches around WPA it will flow back across to the north side and flow into the pasture just east of WPA.

Bystre Lake Floodplain documentation explains, " Although it is essentially a closed basin, the Bystre Lake Watershed is part of the larger Withlacoochee River Basin. During exceptionally large storm events, or during an exceptionally heavy rainy season, levels within Bystre Lake could possibly stage up high enough so that low lying wet prairies are inundated and eventually overtop the basin divides flowing north towards Blue Sink."


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