Cutting the cable cord

The price of cable has increased significantly over the years. Many cable bills are north of $200 a month, but that also includes phone and Internet. This means that customers can save around a $100 a month by cutting the cord.

Depending on your viewing habits, dropping cable may or may not be a major sacrifice. If you watch movies and older TV shows you may be able to replace cable with Netflix or Amazon Prime. These services usually cost around $10 a month depending on the options chosen.

If you are into sports or current TV shows you can invest in an antenna for around $200 and receive an incredibly clear digital picture over the air. The digital signal means you either receive the picture clearly or do not receive it at all, there are no more fuzzy TV pictures.

One of the ways that the cable companies have combatted the tendency to cut the cord is by increasing the price of the Internet Service and decreasing the cost of cable. This way cutting the cord saves you less money and you are more likely to keep the cable service, since it makes up a smaller portion of your $200 bill.

Even if you cut the cord you will no longer save as much money. The cable companies are coming to understand that an Internet connection is becoming much more valuable to people than 200+ cable stations. They are adjusting their prices to reflect this reality, but people still find savings without significant loss of value by ditching their cable and moving to streaming or over the air channels.