Government power has to be constantly pruned

The only way to eliminate government’s heel on the neck of citizens is to cut away the rotten waste in all the many bureaucracies. This pruning back of the ever- overgrowing length of all the tentacles reaching out to choke us into submission has to be regularly done. As soon as a task is done, the process has to begin again or it will become too overwhelming to get these territorial kingdoms dismantled without drastic action, such as a revolution. Thomas Jefferson suggested these shake-ups should occur at twenty-year intervals. This house cleaning has to be thorough to re-establish the power of the people.

Patriotic citizens need to be vigilant to monitor that government does not overstep its mission dictating to citizens rather than listening and serving their interests.

A major problem in evaluating the operation of our government is that much of it is presently being done in secret without the consent and knowledge of the people. There is the elected government under the restrictions of our United States constitution and the nefarious secret one controlled by the embedded bureaucrats. These heads of our federal and state departments of government including our IRS, EPA, Intel and other regulatory agencies have been stacked with like-minded progressive elites who often make contrary decisions negating those of duly elected officials. Many of these bureaucratic chieftains have been in their posts for decades and have amassed incredible power. This reality is called the “deep state.”

The election of Donald Trump, BREXIT in England, and strong political movements worldwide have shaken up the elite’s plan of a “one world government.” The progressive media in the US, the deep state and the establishment politicians have hysterically done everything in their power to undermine the people’s movement to regain the levers of power. The blatant lies, rationalizations and fake news have become obvious to an increasing majority. The creative progressive narratives have replaced researching the facts of the alleged incident. The progressive media’s storylines have been unfactual and deceptive. Our negotiations with Iran over delaying their ability to develop a nuclear device turned out to be a farce. The removal of chemical weapons from Syria to Russia has also been shown to be a farce. An anti Islamic video had nothing to do to with inciting the killing of our ambassador and his heroic protectors. The illegal surveillance and leak of political opponents of the Obama administration has come to light. The lack of the enforcement of our laws in sanctuary cities, in our judicial system, in our schools and universities has been shocking.

The repression in the 1984 novel is nothing compared to the number of eyes we currently have watching us. There is reported data on every American citizen. The safeguard preventing this to be used on innocent Americans has been an illusion. The present surveillance by ordinary devices in our homes is mind blowing. The highly maligned J. Edgar Hoover’s notoriety for his secret dossiers on politicians seems benign compared to the 18 sophisticated intelligence agencies gathering information on its own people.

For US citizens to regain their sacred constitutional freedoms, we need to return to the restricting of government by the constitution. Every US representative and judge must pledge his allegiance to the constitution and follow it. Any government workers who are corrupt, non productive or breaking the law should be fired after receiving their due process.

Unionization of government employees gives them too much power and needs to be prohibited as inappropriate like FDR noted in 1937. They are servants to the American people, not petty dictators with unlimited power who have the right to protect themselves from violations of the law. Government employees need to serve the people not their own interest. Any government agency and employee has to be held accountable for deeds, as would any other citizen. Unlimited official power leads to abuse of citizens. Our founders saw this throughout history and restricted government power through the Bill of Rights in our constitution.

Any behavior that is unlawful and undermines the people’s rights and interest should be investigated and prosecuted under the full power of the law. All levels of local, state and federal governments need be periodically cleansed to revitalize it.


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