Family Found Living In A Wooden Box

Just recently a family was found living in a large box made of plywood in a desert in California. The parents, 51-year-old Mona Kirk and 73-year-old Daniel Panico had three children ages 11, 13 and 14. It has been said that they also had thirty to forty cats. The parents were arrested for child abuse. But was that really necessary…

It is apparent that the family did not have any money for a proper shelter so they made their own and the children were not properly nourished.

Back when the first people settled in the United States they did not have proper food or shelter. Should we go back in time and arrest all the people for not feeding their offsprings properly or not providing proper households for their families? These people at least tried to provide a legitimate home for themselves but it did not fit the “government's standards.”

You may ask these people didn’t go to the government for assistance. What if they did not want to have to owe a debt to the government? Were the children happy to leave their home? Were their parents cruel to them? That is the sort of stuff you need to look at when investigating. This was not addressed in any of the articles I read.

In earlier months David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin were arrested for actually shackling their 13 children to their beds. Now that is real child abuse. I think that if this family is really just people living in a wooden box in a desert then we should leave them alone and start cracking down on real child abuse.

There maybe something that the media is not telling us like usual about these people or they are just people trying to live a quiet life in their wooden box. I know that living in a box would be a dream come true to many children.

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