Holland Park Industrial to be Zoned a Corporate Park

An undeveloped area known as Holland Park, currently zoned PDP/IND (Planned Development Project - Industrial) and will be rezoned to PDP/CP (Corporate Park). Most of the area was zoned industrial due to its proximity to the Brooksville Regional Airport (BKV) and has seen zoning changes since the 80s.

The western portion of the park located at the Southeast corner of Anderson-Snow Road and Corporate Blvd was rezoned CP in 2016. The remainder of the property extends east to the Suncoast Parkway. Combined with the rezoning project will be the relocation of a county-owned drainage retention area (DRA) on Corporate Blvd.

Planner Omar De Pablo oriented the audience to the location of the 47-acre tract, which is just south of the Walmart Neighborhood Market. Commissioner John Allocco acknowledged earlier traffic concerns in the area, and according to De Pablo, the property will “have plenty of use, which will trigger improvements along Corporate Blvd and Anderson-Snow.”

Alan Garmin, representing MRJ Real Estate investments, showed the northeast corner where the DRA will be moved to, which will leave room for improvement of its current position. A small “pocket park” is also planned, across from the retention area. Two secondary roads are planned to provide access into and out of the corporate park. Traffic studies are expected before development begins.

Commissioner Jeff Holcomb moved to approve the rezoning, which was seconded by Commissioner Allocco. The motion passed unanimously.

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