Husband and wife art duo

Local artist Becky Brooks and her husband Alan share a mutual passion for art. The artistic duo are no strangers to the art scene and have an extensive portfolio of their many paintings and sketches, as well as airbrushing and digital works.

Having started with airbrushing over 40 years ago, Alan went on to produce album covers for the group Level 42 and their album “Chinese Way,” as well as “Retroglide.” Alan has produced an extensive amount of artwork, stage work, t-shirts, music-related projects, movie posters and celebrity portraits.

He has also produced digital art that has graced the covers of hundreds of books including “Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves,” and Star Trek. Alan has produced various works with Lucas Films, Universal, and recently, the Steve Vai Tour, “Generation Axe.”

Becky and Alan Brooks, husband and wife artists.

Some samples of Alan’s work include: “Guitar and Standing Stones,” a concept piece made for the guitarist Steve Vai, incorporating the four elements as well as the stone circle to add a sense of mystic and magic to the piece. “Seal of the Worm” is a fantasy book cover piece, one of ten in a series for the author Adrian Tchaikovsky. “Wonder Woman” is a poster piece depicting the heroine in a darker setting. This piece hangs in the movie director’s home and was made for promotional use for the film.

“Guitar and Standing Stones” a concept piece made for the guitarist Steve Vai. by Alan Brooks

Children and animals have always held a special place in Becky’s heart. Over the past 22 years, she has devoted a great deal of her time molding and sculpting the creativity of her art students, while pursuing her dreams of seeing her own artwork in local galleries and beyond. Becky recalls seeing a photo of a young girl named Sinclaire, as she sat silently admiring her horse. Sinclaire, who is Autistic, finds contentment and peace through her interaction with horses. When Becky saw the photo, she knew she had to tell her story through canvas and brushstrokes. “Girl with the White Ribbon” is the resulting portrayal.

“Maverick” completed Jan. 21, 2018 by Becky Brooks

Becky also recalls when her best friend’s daughter grew up and joined the Marines. It was important to Becky to paint the daughter’s combat boots, accompanied by a cross, in the painting “Strength Through Grace.” Becky explained that, to the daughter, the cross was so important and represented strength that comes from her faith. The portrait represents the reason that Becky draws and paints, because each piece tells a story and has special meaning to her.

Strength Through Grace by Becky Brooks

Becky also desires to give back to her community by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her drawings and paintings to local organizations that coincide with the subject of her artwork. When Becky’s alpaca painting entitled “Maverick” sells, she plans to donate a portion of the sales to Golden Rainbow Ranch, where the alpaca that inspired the painting currently resides. A portion of the proceeds from the oil painting “Girl with the White Ribbon” will be donated to an Autism Awareness Organization.

Becky and Alan both work on commission, taking the ideas of the client and turning them into amazing works of art. There are also various works that are currently available for sale including prints. Both artists are in the process of submitting works for display in galleries throughout Florida and beyond.

“Seal of the Worm” fantasy book cover created by Alan Brooks

Some of Becky’s art is currently featured at the Uptown Gallery at City Hall in Brooksville. The exhibit entitled, “Animals, Animals, Animals,” takes place from Feb. 2 through March 3. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located at 201 Howell Avenue in Brooksville.

“Wonder Woman” created by Alan Brooks for the director of the film

The portfolios of Becky and Alan Brooks can be found on their websites at and at See Becky’s works on her Facebook page entitled “Becky Brooks Fine Art” at Becky and Alan can be reached at 352-597-9240 or [email protected]

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