Pasco County buys 155 Acres for Super Park in Dade City

DADE CITY, FL ---- A ‘Super Park’ in the Villages of Pasadena Hills suburb of Dade City is designated to preserve natural resources for passive recreation, including walking trails and kayaking.

Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Director Keith Wiley announced the 155 acre purchase January 31, 2018, through the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP). The conservation land contains rolling hills, seepage slopes, varied wildlife habitats and access to Buddy Lake.

“The acquired land is in east central Pasco County just off Prospect Road and Highland Boulevard,” said Wiley. “This purchase serves as Phase Two of the Super Park and consists entirely of land designated for natural resource-based recreation.”

ELAMP funds will be treated as a loan to the Pasadena Hills Stewardship District, which will be repaid to the program as surcharges or special assessments collected over time.
The Villages of Pasadena Hills park plans include an active recreation park area, with sports fields, in addition to the passive recreation area. The ‘Super Park’ will serve an anticipated high- growth region for Pasco County, including neighboring developments like Connected City.

The Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP) was created in July, 2004 to purchase environmentally-sensitive lands throughout the County. ELAMP ensures those lands protect the natural community, connect natural tracts of land, conserve native plant and animal populations, enhance recreational opportunities and expand environmental education. Funding is provided through a portion of the Penny for Pasco surtax. To learn more about Pasco County's ELAMP, including a list of properties on the acquisition list, click here:


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