Recycle Tuesday’s

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Recycle Tuesday’s

The Hernando County Public Library offers many programs for all ages and some of those programs are truly unique and creative.

Every third Tuesday of each month, the Spring Hill branch offers a program called Recycle Tuesdays.

“We got a new Director back in 2010 and he decided that we needed new branding. We had all new library cards, all new promotional stuff and but we had old library cards left and didn’t match anything like what we have now. I don’t know how he found out, but I guess I had a reputation of being someone a little crafty. And he came to me and said find something to do with these,” Sheryl Fell explained.

This is a “Step out of the Boundaries” type of program for every one of all ages to get in touch with their creative side and express that by using different items and materials that are headed to the trash can.

Sheryl Fell, Library Experience Coordinator, is responsible for many things within the library; from coordinating programs to social media and strategic marketing. After doing some research, Fell got the inspiration she needed to create items using the old plastic library cards.

“Amazingly once I started, I totally got into it. I must of made 20 to 25 different items including a full dress. That was my very first program was recycle library cards. I had people coming and making everything from marionette dolls, flowers to pencil cups. It was amazing,” Fell said.

Each month there is a theme for Fell’s workshop and she provides all the materials needed for library patrons to create their projects.

“I make samples; I don’t give people directions, because I don’t want them to copy what I do. I want them to create something. The stuff that comes out of here has been amazing,” said Fell.

“Watching people when they are really engaged in creatively, you can tell they are using part their brain that they don’t use that much anymore. They don’t really get this in school and a lot of the new movements with libraries are these maker spaces,” Fell explained.

From kids to adults, this program is a great way to be inspired creatively and walk away with a unique and individual accomplishment.

“What went from me fooling around with library cards, really took off. It’s one of our more popular programs,” Fell said.

Congratulations to Sheryl Fell who recently celebrated her tenth anniversary with the library on June 19th.

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