Skill and imagination on display at Bricks-N-Blocks convention

by CARON SZOLGA [email protected]

Lego fans of all ages gathered for the first Bricks-N-Blocks Convention held September 16th and 17th at the Hernando County Fairgrounds. Lego builders from the community and beyond were invited to display their original pieces for other Lego enthusiasts to enjoy.

The convention was hosted by James and Dawn Burrows, the owners of The Brick University, a Lego-inspired academic camp located at 1223 Kass Circle in Spring Hill, Florida. James began building Legos a little over four years ago when his wife asked him to build a Lego Arby’s restaurant, and has been building original and meticulous displays ever since. One of his most popular displays includes a 125,000-piece Jurassic Park Roller Coaster Dinosaur Amusement Park which can be viewed in detail at

Todd Eller and son of New Port Richey

Todd Eller and his son, both of New Port Richey, displayed original military trucks and tanks as well as a complete dinosaur-themed park. Todd began working with Legos when he was diagnosed with cancer and his son began after suffering a brain injury at the age of 4. Working with Legos became therapy for Mr. Eller and helps to take his mind off his illness. His son uses Legos to help him regain some neurological skills that were lost when he suffered the brain injury.

Hours of planning and engineering were involved in producing each display. Jim Gordon, of Clermont, Florida, captured the interest of attendees with his table display entitled “Parachute Drop.” The display depicts a carnival-type ride that uses robotics software to power strings that pull the parachuters up and down. Mike Hallock of Clermont, Florida built a tri-vision mosaic of The Warner Brother’s movie “The Iron Giant.” The billboard-type piece switched between screens. Another awe-inspiring display by Mr. Hallock depicted “The Last Supper” which was built entirely with Legos.

The Last Supper in legos by Mike Hallock of Clermont, Florida

Attendees of the convention were able to purchase Lego products, build and race Lego vehicles and participate in bingo to win Lego prizes.

Future events are in the planning stages including a day camp which is scheduled for December 26-29, 2017 and January 2-5, 2018.

For more information on The Brick University, please contact James or Dawn at 352-502-2050 or email [email protected]

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