Today's technology: Blessing or a curse?

Modern technology has made it much easier to communicate. You can contact anyone anywhere the minute you think of them. You no longer have to remember what you wanted to talk to someone about when you meet them. You can instantly update them.

There are a number of ways to do this: text messages, emails, Facebook, and many more. This means we are constantly providing little updates, for instance "I just saw that new hotel you were talking about." Lots of these constant communications, can cause us to miss the important events, even if you text someone all the time they may not be aware that you changed jobs. When you get together, you assume that all your news has been shared.

It also makes face-to-face conversations less important, since you already have most of the other person's news. In fact, when many people get together, they find they have nothing to talk about, so they wind up checking their phones.

This flood of less important news may drown out really interesting news. Today, it is difficult to sort through all the content that we receive. We are inundated with information and finding what you are looking for is difficult. If we returned to the days of only talking to each other when we saw each other that would lessen the data that has to be sorted through.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. You can instantly contact people anywhere, but sometimes it is just better to wait. In today's day and age we have practically unlimited information at our fingertips, so the issue becomes sorting through it.