Tree-top eco adventures for all the family to enjoy

For the young and more adventurous of us out there, there’s an exciting aerial adventure attraction in Orlando called the Zoom Air Adventure Park. Entry to the attraction is via the entrance of the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, Florida.

Zoom Air introduced this European-style aerial adventure to Florida to provide families, groups, students and tourists unique treetop eco-adventures in varying degrees of challenge. This is a place where guests can enjoy nature from a totally new perspective - from the tops of trees. The activities are fun, exciting and, most importantly, safe.
Because courses are in tandem with trees and not via ugly, metal poles, the flavor of the local ecosystem becomes part of the experience. The aerial adventure courses are deftly woven into the forest fronting the Zoo, integrated with the natural environment and inspired by the trees and the flow of the terrain and flora.

Become an arboreal animal, balancing, swinging and climbing from tree to tree. Get a bird's eye view of the land below as you trek through the trees on dancing logs and tight wires, across rope bridges, nets, and suspended disks. Wherever guests perch in the trees, there’s an opportunity to see wildlife and plants not found on the ground and get a feel for life in the trees.

And there is zip lining too. Zoom Air provides the harness system and trains guests how to use it. Then guests are sent up into the trees they can please their inner child, overcome fears, and explore the world below, while thoroughly trained park operators monitor activities from below.

Zoom Air zip lines are interspersed among the different courses offered to keep you motivated and moving along.

There’s zip lining doe children too with the safe-but-exciting Kids’ Course. Secured to the lifeline, with a parent walking on the ground beside them, children safely can test their agility and courage as they progress through the course. They may even come across some genuine arboreal animals. Afterwards, they can cool off at the Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground.

Zoom Air is a fresh option for families, friends and co-workers providing recreational activities with a balance of safety, fun, and excitement, while respecting the natural environment.

It is highly recommended to view the height and age requirements, other restrictions listed on their website ( beforehand. Prices for the various courses offered are also listed on the website. And please do not turn up in flip-flops.

Early Bird specials offered and discounts for College/university students, military, first responders with valid IDs and Central Florida Zoo members.

Amenities include parking (with vehicle charging stations); restrooms; gift shop selling souvenirs, bottled water, pre-packaged snacks, insect repellent, and shoe rentals for those visitors arriving in flip-flops. Full food concessions are available inside the Zoo.


Located at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: 407-330-0767
Email: [email protected]
Website: zoom

Zoom Air Orlando opens every day at 9 a.m., except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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