Uptown Gallery showcases a diverse group of artists in Brooksville

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

BROOKSVILLE- Judith McIntire, Gallery Coordinator for the Brooksville City Hall Gallery has been exposed to creative endeavors since her youth. “I was born into a family with three very active artists: my mother and my aunts,” McIntire explained. Today she combines her talent for photography and watercolor painting. “Creativity is what it’s all about, it doesn’t matter what medium it is, and it soothes the soul.”

Judith McIntire City Coordinator standing by Sandra Bonadonna sculptures being displayed at City Hall during the "Eye-Catching Art" in Brooksville, Florida
Viewing the wonderful and well crafted artwork hanging in the corridors as well as exhibits upstairs is quite inspiring. “Eye-Catching Art” exhibit, which continues until April 2nd, features Ballet Dancer (Sculpture) by Sandra Bonadonna, “Selfie with BFF” (Print )by Lee Middleton and an array of other artistic mediums such as Silk Batik from Pat Gentry, Oil from Rosa Lea Addington, Watercolor from Gerolama Mae Pollizze. This exhibit also showcases Poetry from Mary Anne Bruning as well as beautiful photography by members of the Spring Hill Camera Club.

“I like the variety I see in the artists in the Hernando County area,” stated McIntire. Artists from the age of 7 to their late 90’s are being shown during this exhibit. “Artistic talent lies deep and carries on from the birth to the grave, she said.”

The City of Brooksville hosts monthly exhibits for all mediums, from hand crafted jewelry to digital art. Any group and/or independent artists are welcome to display their creative work. The upcoming exhibit in April 2016, “All Things Blue”, will coincide with the Blueberry Festival. The Uptown Gallery is a great opportunity to feature new and unseen talent in Hernando County.

For more information about Brooksville City Hall Art Gallery you can visit their website at http://www.cityofbrooksville.us/ or contact Judith McIntire directly by emailing [email protected]

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