What we are thankful for

This is the time to remember what you are thankful for. We, at The Hernando Sun, would like to take a few moments to remember some of the people who helped us to build this paper.

It all started on Nov. 11, 2014 when Hernando Today closed their doors after almost 28 years. There were a number of us that felt a void had been created in our community. A local paper is so important for the identity of a community.

Of course, the paper could not be produced without our staff. Their hardwork and dedication allows our small paper to punch well beyond our weight, developing a product that would make a much larger newspaper proud. Their suggestions and ideas are constantly improving the paper. Many of our staff members wear multiple hats and often perform a combination of article writing, paper delivery, ad sales and layout. Those who have a single job, do it consistently well. We even employ several people who used to work for the Hernando Today.

Our subscribers are a tremendous source of inspiration. The notes of appreciation and support keep us going on the late nights that it takes to produce the newspaper. We look forward to receiving Letters to the Editor in the mail and greatly appreciate the input our readers have. Recently we received a letter from a reader stating that they very much enjoy the paper and would like to see a “Rants and Raves” section. This is something that we would like to implement and will improve reader interaction.

Our advertisers see the value in the Hernando Sun community online and in print and take the opportunity to effectively share their message. We’ve had some extremely dedicated advertisers and are so grateful for their support of the newspaper.

In the early days, Historian Frasier Mountain, was a source of endless encouragement. He was able to provide a network of potential readers and subscribers who in turn referred their friends to The Hernando Sun. He saw the value of the local newspaper in creating community coherence. The following quote from Frasier after Hernando Today closed their doors is one that always comes to mind when I recollect why we started The Hernando Sun.

“Family chatter, the neighborhood climate and the community spirit, all of which I deem to be very important for the wellbeing, for a mannerly, honest, organized community spirit.....and the newspaper has always been at the heart of all that........from the personal delivery boy (where I started) to the editorial leadership where we should be headed, with down to earth comments of what is going on from the mouths of those in charge and the wannabees...Everybody needs a voice! At this time we have none of the above....even with the big time newspapers with their satellite editions. They do not fill that void left by the old Brooksville Sun-Journal of years ago...”

When we started the paper, Frasier Mountain was 91 years old and shared with us his tremendous knowledge of the area’s history. He described himself as an “oldtimer, reader, viewer, native viewpoint, who thinks history is how we learn our dearest lessons..”

We will always remember him as such and all he did for The Hernando Sun.

There are many individuals who may not have played such large roles, but the small things they did opened doors which we found difficult to open. These individuals include the Speedway stores inventory specialist who helped us become a Speedway vendor which gave us a pathway to selling the paper in other retail locations throughout the county.

There was the manager of the Glen Lakes Publix who called all the other Publix managers in the county to suggest that they carry our paper.

There are others who helped us navigate the US Postal system, which we use to deliver the newspapers to subscribers.

We also must thank The Citrus Chronicle and all the work they do for us on a weekly basis in printing our newspaper and preparing it to mail. We very much value our working relationship with this established newspaper, whose staff are helpful in many areas of the newspaper business.

These individuals and many others inspire us through their actions. We are thankful for all the support that we have received and try to pay everyone back by producing the best newspaper that we can.

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