Ann Scott, wife of Governor Rick Scott, reads to students at West Side Elementary School

Mrs. Ann Scott the wife of Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Westside Elementary on the morning of April 13th to read stories to the young students. Mrs. Crisci and Ms. Tilton's kindergarten class anxiously awaited Florida's first lady, while she read "Gaston" and "How Full Is Your Bucket?" to Mrs. Addie's second grade class nearby.

Mrs. Scott reads to Mrs. Addie's second grade class

The kindergarteners talked with their teachers about who Mrs. Scott is, where she lives, and what her husband does. Kindergartener Adam said, "I think I would be so excited because I never saw her before."

Sign at West Side Elem

Mrs. Crisci explained that upon hearing the news that Mrs. Scott would be visiting only a few days beforehand, she had her students do some background research about who she is. "We researched… I learned that she lives and works in the Governor's mansion," said Adam.

Mrs. Crisci said that there are ESOL and ESE students within the class, so reading appreciation is an important part of helping those students in particular, develop their skills.

Upon entering, the class sang "The Florida Alphabet" song. Mrs. Scott seemed very pleased.

Mrs. Scott also read "Gaston" to the kindergarten children, a story about bulldog and poodle families who learn that love is not about appearances.

"We're all different, unique and special and that what makes the world a better place," Mrs. Scott told the children.

After Mrs. Scott read the story she showed pictures of her children and grandchildren, which the students enjoyed.

The students of Mrs. Crisci and Ms. Tilton's kindergarten class listen intently to Mrs. Scott

Mrs. Scott fielded several comments from the children such as, "You are beautiful and your husband is handsome."

Compliments on her dress and shoes were given and there was a discussion of what the children call their grandparents. Mrs. Scott said that her grandchildren call her Gigi.

The students in both the kindergarten and second grade classes presented cards and letters of appreciation to Mrs. Scott.

letters to Mrs. Scott

letters to Mrs. Scott
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