November 2014

Green Light for Brooksville's Red Light Cameras?

The City of Brooksville adopted an ordinance authorizing the use of red light cameras within city limits. When this ordinance passed, the City of Brooksville contracted with SenSys America Inc. to operate and enforce the red light program. Patrick and Shirley Miketinac proposed an amendment to the City of Brooksville Charter that would ban red light cameras and other related devices for detecting traffic violations within city limits. As the amendment is written, it would ban these devices for any current and future use.

Centralia: Get to Know Your Friendly Ghost Town

Sid Taylor, Florida State Forestry Naturalist, has written and studied extensively on Centralia. Read Sid Taylor's Article on Centralia here describing the people of the town, Gamble's Commissary, the inner workings and details of the sawmill. Centralia was a logging community located just south of Centralia Rd. and west of US 19. Neither of these roads existed when the sawmill boom town of Centralia was established in 1910.


A child’s education begins at home. Functional parents naturally provide role modeling that is fertile ground for the child’s moral, emotional social and educational development. Children spontaneously imitate speech patterns, vocabulary, thinking and the value of continual learning of the parent.

In the past families was a cohesive group that did almost everything together. Sitting down to meals, working around the house, recreation, visiting relatives, church attendance were practically rituals for the family. It was the most important social unit in society.

Good Neighbour

Dear B.A.,
I work 12 hour days and am exhausted when I come home from work. All I want to do is go inside and relax when I get home. I have a neighbor who frequently arrives home at the same time I do. He always wants to chat with me before heading inside. He likes to talk about things I am entirely uninterested in like what happened at the last Homeowner's Association meeting. How can I avoid listening to him drone on and on without being rude?

Good Neighbor