April 2015

Happy 100th Birthday Theresa Wujick!


Theresa Wujick of Spring Hill was born 100 years ago today on April 30th 1915 in Yonkers New York. She attributes her longevity to healthy exercise and dancing. She still enjoys “cutting the rug” at the age of 100.

In 1939 she married John Wujick and they had two sons together. Five years ago John passed away at the age of 97. John and Theresa were married 71 years. Theresa Wujick was the first crossing guard in White Plains New York. She quit because they wanted her to wear shorts in the winter to show off her legs.

20th Annual Pasco County Earth Day

It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect Florida day for the 20th Annual Pasco County Earth Day, which was held Saturday April 25. The backdrop for this event was none other than Crews Lake Wilderness Park. The lush wooded trails, botanical garden, preserve, and observation tower truly fit as an ideal location for an Earth Day event. Although the event was limited to a portion of the park there was no shortage of ways to fill your entire day, at the event or the beautiful park that encompassed it.

Brooksville Gallery Supports Local Artists

BROOKSVILLE- Strolling up the walkway of this beautifully renovated Colonial style home, one can appreciate the time and attention to detail that went into restoring this historical piece of Brooksville located at 259 Howell Avenue. As you come through the door, notice the beautifully kept stained glass windows in the entry, they have been allowing light to shine through since 1912. If you continue on into the foyer, you may be lucky enough to meet a resident of this fine establishment, Gray Baby, a rescued cat that won over the heart of curator and owner, Robert G. Smith.

Commission considers MSTU for HCSO, Sheriff Convinces Otherwise

Hernando Sun Staff

Before the April 28th County Commission Meeting, Sheriff Nienhuis sent out a press release stating his position on an agenda item which would discuss creating a Municipal Service Taxing Unit for the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Nienhuis came out strongly against an MSTU and stated that his department was never notified of this matter. Ultimately after hearing from the Sheriiff at the County Commission meeting, Commissioner Dukes dropped the item from the agenda.

May is American Stroke Month and Better Speech and Hearing Month

Learning the signs of stroke will help you know when to get emergency help. It is critical to get that help quickly as the window of opportunity to treat a stroke is about 3 hours. Medical advances to treat stroke have advanced significantly over the last 10 years. These treatments differ depending on the type of stroke an individual has. 85% of all strokes are ischemic in nature, meaning a blocked blood vessel or rupture in the brain. These can be treated by medication adminstered via IV called tPA.

A Trip to the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens

Prior to my recent visit I had never heard of the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens, and most local people I asked hadn’t either. So I must admit I wasn’t expecting a lot when I headed out on my journey to visit the Gardens. With my 5 year old in tow we drove the short distance from my house with the mindset that we’d be there no more than 20 or 30 minutes at the most. I am happy to report that was not the case, in fact we spent over an hour and easily could have spent longer there.

41st Annual Student Recognition Banquet

Brilliance lives among us! The Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce honored 49 graduating students at their 41st Student Recognition Banquet on Thursday evening, April 23rd. In partnership with the local Kiwanis Clubs and through the support of our great community the event brought much honor to very deserving students. This year 18 scholarships totaling $11,000 were presented during the banquet that was held at Spring Hill’s Palace Grand.

Redistricting Postponed

Hernando Sun Staff

Overcrowding is currently being felt by several schools in the Hernando County School District. In the recent past, several new schools were built which had to be filled with students. When they first opened the schools, the district boundaries covered a large area. Now, some of these new schools are feeling the effects of a large district boundary. Shrinking these boundaries to a reasonable size will ease overcrowding.

A Slice of Americana at the Hernando County Fair

BROOKSVILLE- Just beyond the city signs a tiny patch of brightly colored, blinking bulbs reaching skyward can only mean it’s time for the annual county fair. It’s a week long, springtime gathering of Hernando County locals and it’s been taking place in Brooksville for the past 64 years. The county fair is as american as apple pie and is reminiscent of days past. The local event unfolds just south of town at the Hernando County Fairgrounds and showcases agriculture, local crafts, shows, and food galore.