May 2016

Changing One Way Streets in Brooksville’s Future?

During the Brooksville Vision Foundation’s presentation, Commissioner Diane Rowden asked about getting rid of the one-way roads downtown. BVF President Cliff Manuel stated that would depend on the Department of Transportation. The State of Florida is considering moving US 41 and US 98 out of the downtown area, but the issue is that the roads are used to move freight, and speed/efficiency is valued.

Practice Safe Web Browsing

One of the most common vectors for home users to have malware installed on their computers is via their web browser. It used to be enough to avoid going to sites that were of a questionable nature. Recently that changed, cybercriminals have started to use advertising served by google and yahoo to install malware on the computers. This is mostly done through vulnerabilities in flash and javascript ads.

School year in review: Sharks have plenty to celebrate

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Nature Coast's Jamison Carnegie carries the ball during football season last fall. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

With the 2015-16 school year about to end and all athletic events in the rearview mirror, a look back shows that Nature Coast has to carve out considerable space in its trophy case.
Across the three sports seasons, the Sharks loaded up on district championships, and in some cases even greater accolades.

Levija leaves behind strong legacy at Springstead

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Springstead athletic director Bob Levija is retiring after 37 years at the school. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

When the next school year begins in the fall, something that hasn’t happened at Springstead since the late ‘70s will occur. Bob Levija won’t be there.
At 65, Levija will retire from teaching, leaving behind a lasting legacy as the Eagles’ original wrestling coach and the athletic director who oversaw a seismic shift in the school’s athletic fortunes across the board.
“He definitely brought his demeanor of ‘I want to win’ into every sport,” said former Springstead wrestler and current head wrestling coach Mike LaRocca.

June is Dysphagia Awareness Month

The following are all symptoms that may be linked to dysphagia. Take a moment to evaluate if you or a loved one could be suffering from Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty).

- Food feels like it is “stuck” in your throat.
- Choking or coughing after swallowing liquids or water
- Coughing after you swallow food
- It feels like food or stomach acid is backing up into the throat

When Should My Baby See a Chiropractic Physician?

Dr. Jessica Allen lives and works in Hernando County. You can learn more about her practice at

Infant chiropractic care is one aspect of the chiropractic industry that has been constantly under a microscope. Since I am a mother myself I can empathize with parents and other doctors if they have never witnessed infant chiropractic care before and are anxious. The top three reasons parents bring their infants to me are for colic, ear infections, and wellness care. Digestive issues like acid reflux (which many people argue is the root cause of many colic cases) tend to have a high success rate with chiropractic care as well.

BOCC Agrees to Partner with Brooksville Vision Foundation

Cliff Manuel, president of the Brooksville Vision Foundation (BVF), believes that revitalizing Main Street will “lift the entire county”, not just the 7,800 residents of the city. Manuel introduced Dennis Wilfong, Ambassador of Commerce and Employment for the City of Brooksville, to the Board of County Commission (BOCC) to begin the presentation.

Sonny’s BBQ In-House Promotion Raises $1,234 for Needy Families

Hernando Sun Staff

Ron Van Matre of People Helping People (PHP) with Frances Kirkpatrick, a franchisee of Sonny’s BBQ of Spring Hill, which is locally owned and operated.

Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ hosted an In-House promotion for the People Helping People organization where a total of $1,234.17 was raised.

People Helping People was organized as a Backpack program to feed children from low income families. The backpacks are sent home on the weekends with food for the children plus enough for their families. It is currently providing food for over 600 elementary school kids and is called Weekend Blessing.