March 2017

A House Fire in Rural Hernando County Destroys Home


Photo provided by HCFR

(Brooksville, FL) Hernando County Fire Rescue(HCFR) responded to a reported residential structure fire at 22395 Panorama Street early this evening at approximately 4:53p.m. Passerby’s noticed the fire and reported to 911. Fire crews arrived on scene within 8 minutes, and found an unoccupied wood frame house fully involved in fire. Firefighters quickly began a coordinated fire attack to ensure that the fire did not spread into the nearby wooded area.

Artist's sculptural ingenuity brings in business

Above: Mrs. Grout car by Scott Freeland; Below: Praying Mantis by Scott Freeland

Oftentimes when individuals think of a sculpture, they picture things like the classical Roman or Renaissance figures, hewn in great detail from massive blocks of marble. While these works are beautiful in their own right, stunning work is being completed by many modern day artists, like Scott Freeland. His subjects take their form, not through cut and polished stone, but rather foam and many other contemporary materials.

To age is a blessing

< i 92 year old Marcy Schwabenbauer lectures all ages on the blessings of growing older. She maintains that age shouldn't stop you from living a fulfilled life.>

Marcy Schwabenbauer

You wouldn’t think looking at the trim, smartly dressed 92 year old woman that she was raised on a farm during the Depression and routinely transformed roosters into capons. For those of you who don’t know what a “capon” is, just “Google” it.

Marcy Schwabenbauer gave a talk to a group of senior citizens at the Bayfront Enrichment Center in Spring Hill on Tuesday, March 7. The name of her talk was “Be still and know that I am God” and the theme was “I’m not done yet.”

Art studio dedicated to enhancing the creative minds of children

Participants at Sherry Kelly’s art studio proudly present their finished artwork for the camera after attending a 45-minutes creative workshop.

After the youngest of her four daughters reached the age of two, stay-at-home mom Sherry Kelly thought she might like to go back to work. She was casting around for something to do but deep in her heart, she knew she preferred spending time with children.

Sherry says that’s when she had “a bit of an epiphany”.

“I had always spent time with my daughters and their friends on creative projects and soon friends of friends wanted to join in too. “So we bought a garden shed, put an air conditioning unit in it and soon my own creative thinking kicked in,” she said.

Florida’s No-Fault Car Insurance? Can I still file a lawsuit?

Matthew Dolman

States in the U.S. have the autonomy to make their own laws about a myriad of things, including car insurance. Florida is one of the states in the nation that has elected to follow a no-fault car insurance system. Under a no-fault system, drivers turn to their own insurance companies for compensation after a crash, rather than filing a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance, regardless of who caused the accident.

Where's the line? Theme parks aiming to eliminate them

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — At Universal Orlando Resort’s new “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” ride, waiting in line has been replaced by lounging on couches and listening to a racy barber shop quartet sing until it’s time to enter the ride.

Universal is leading the theme-park charge into “virtual lines” that give visitors options for exploring a park or watching live entertainment instead of the tedium of looking at someone’s back as you inch forward step by step to the thrill ride.