September 2017

Three former Fire Chiefs arrested for misappropriation of funds

Late last night we received notification from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office that three former Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chiefs were arrested. They include the current City of Brooksville Fire Chief David Freda, the current City of Brooksville Fire Captain David Murdock and Travis Morris, a current FEMA employee.

NJROTC Cadets lend a hand in Irma prep

In front and center there are cadets Hallett, Torres, and Shreiber.  Hallett was shoveling, Torres was assisting and Shreiber tied up the bags.

In preparation of hurricane Irma, Central’s NJROTC cadets jumped at the opportunity to help the community. With only one day notice, the cadet in charge, Alexa Fiore, collected a group of twenty to volunteer. The event was held at the fire rescue stations 1 and 2, where the cadets spent their time filling sandbags for those living in low lying areas and assisting in carrying the bags to the vehicles. Several hundred of sandbags were distributed in the course of three days prior to the expected storm.

Central's Navy Junior ROTC Cadet Leadership Training


For 16 consecutive years, Central’s NJROTC cadets have been dragged from their comfort zones and thrown into the trenches. For a weekend, full of leadership training with the opportunity to develop each other’s strengths, abilities, and reasoning skills. One of several purposes of this Mini Boot Camp was to learn the position skills necessary for platoon commander, guide, and squad leaders. In order to correctly demonstrate to their subordinates back in the unit. The other developed skills dealt with team problem solving and collaboration, rather than individual workings.