July 2018

Watch Your Step!

I joined a friend of mine recently and we took a ride out to the old Iron Bridge in the Croom WMA to do a little catfishing on the banks of the Withlacoochee.  It was a hot and steamy afternoon not long after a shower had passed through and on one of the trails leading me to the fishing hole, we came across a young Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.  Now folks, he wasn’t the least bit ornery, as most of them are quite passive. He never coiled to strike or rattled his tail in warning, he simply acknowledged our presence and continued going on about his day.

Walking on Doggy TP

I have never seen my wife’s dogs fully asleep.  I’ve noticed them napping, but I’ve never watched them while they were in deep slumber.  I only know from episodes on TV and segments in movies that dogs dream about running and chasing.  I have watched cats, but I’ve never caught on to what they dream about. They twitch their whiskers and paws and then, after their kitty version of REM, they remain motionless in their sprawl with the tip of their tongue sticking out until some distant sound snaps them awake.


The temptation to negotiate with God

I am told on a regular basis, “write something that makes us feel good.” I understand that we want to live in comfort where we gravitate toward information that allows us to relax and enjoy life and it’s wonderful to train our mind to be a positive thinker. However, in our quest to live in “happy land” there are also difficult realities whether we choose to accept them or not. In Hebrews 4:12, God’s word is described as a two-edged sword which has the power and wisdom to know all things including our conscience.

Oak Hill Hospital Announces the 2018 Graduate Medical Education Program Family Medicine Residents

Spring Hill, Florida (July 30, 2018) – Oak Hill Hospital is proud to introduce the 2018-2021 class of Graduate Medical Education Program Family Medicine residents:

  • Chukwuka Ayetin, DO, Philadelphia Col of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Jeffrey Hall, DO, Lake Erie College Of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Christina Hunter, DO, Lake Erie College Of Osteopathic Medicine

HCSO Alert: Deer in Roadway causes Deputy to Crash Patrol Vehicle into Canal

On 07-30-18 at 12:03 a.m., Deputy David Merced was traveling north on Shoal Line Boulevard when a deer in the roadway caused him to crash his patrol vehicle into a canal.

Deputy Merced had just cleared a call for service when he spotted the deer. 

He swerved in an attempt to avoid the deer. In doing so, he veered off the west side of the roadway and into a canal, just north of Petite Lane, in Hernando Beach.

His patrol vehicle was partially submerged. 

Emergency personnel assisted Deputy Merced out of the vehicle and onto the roadway.

Dampened plans for Shoal Line Rec Area

A letter from The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Executive Director Brian Armstrong has left Hernando County staff and commissioners dismayed.

Mr. Armstrong responded to a letter from County Administrator Len Sossamon in reference to giving voters the chance to voice their opinion on the Shoal Line Blvd Recreation Area project proposed for a property located within the Weekiwachee Preserve owned by SWFWMD.  

A pocket of tranquility

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m sitting under a shady palm, book in hand, a cold drink in the other. There’s a gentle breeze coming off the blue-green water, and the soft chirping of sea birds is the only noise disturbing my afternoon reverie. 

I could almost be on a tiny South Seas island, hours away from civilization but in reality, I’m on a tiny, tiny piece of Florida called Palm Island. 

Palm Island is located about 9 miles south of Englewood, Florida, off the coast from Cape Haze. Not really an accurate name as it is made up of 4 interconnected islands.

Hernando Emergency Operations Center is ‘StormReady’ and debuts new weather app

On July 24, 2018, Emergency Management Director Cecilia Patella informed County Commissioners that Hernando County received re-certification, from the National Weather Service, for the StormReady program. This recognition is valid through August 7, 2021.  When a county is deemed StormReady by the National Weather Service they are better prepared to protect life and property from the onslaught of hazardous weather through better planning, education, and awareness. Ms.

HCSO Alert:  K-9 Maxx Apprehends Wanted Person Jerry Hamby

On 7-17--18, District Two detectives began investigating the theft of an Enduro style motorcycle that occurred in Spring Hill.  On 7-24-18, Selective Enforcement (SEU) detectives observed the stolen motorcycle being operated by Jerry Wade Hamby, who was also wanted for a probation violation.  Upon attempting contact with Hamby, he fled from detectives and abandoned the motorcycle.  The motorcycle was recovered and district detectives obtained a warrant for Hamby for Grand Theft Auto.