March 2019

Man Arrested for Unlicensed Practice of Healthcare

On 03-28-19, Hernando County Sheriff’s detectives, along with investigators from the Department of Health (DOH), responded to 9385 Grizzly Bear Lane (Camp A Wyle) in Brooksville, to investigate allegations of the practice of medicine without a license.

The original complaint, made to the DOH, alleged that Michael Fagan was practicing medicine, out of the residence, without a license.

Undercover investigators arranged a “consultation” type appointment with Fagan on the morning of 03-28-19.

Laotian family achieves the ‘American Dream’

Although the Vietnam War has been over for more than forty years, the memories of it are still fresh in Bounthieng Nammontry's mind. The sixty-nine-year-old Laotian who goes by his American name, Steven, fought in the Laotian army against the communists.

He was married to his wife, Dokkab, and joined the army when he was just nineteen years old.  

"It was important that I fought for my country," Steven stated.

MOMs Gone Wild

Some years before I was no longer employed at Exwork, I started referring to those in charge as MOMs, which stands for Members Of Management.  I divided them into four basic categories:

L-MOMs, Lower Members Of Management, which are department heads and associates who were given authority over other associates for some project; U-MOMs, Upper Members Of Management, which are assistant and co-managers; S-MOMs, Super Members Of Management, which are store and district managers; and P-MOMs, Psycho Members Of Management, which can apply to any MOM.

Temporary closure of large dog section at Rotary Centennial Dog Park

Hernando County Parks and Recreation will temporarily close its large dog section at Rotary Centennial Dog Park, located at 10375 Sandlor Street in Spring Hill, beginning Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March 31, 2019, to allow for staff to pour concrete slabs around picnic pavilions in the area. These slabs will be installed for patrons to use while watching their dogs enjoy the run areas.

Gulf Coast Academy avoids charter revocation

Hernando Sun Reporter

Gulf Coast Academy, one of three charter schools within the Brooksville / Spring Hill area, avoided imminent shut down on March 15th as school administrators finally entered into a contract with Hernando County Sheriff’s Office to provide a full-time “School Resource Officer” (SRO).  According to a media release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office: