May 2020

The Appendectomy Club (Part one)

   Recently my granddaughter’s boyfriend, Little James, had his appendix out.  I text her to tell him: Welcome to the Appendectomy Club.  And really, I suppose we should start a club for that.  After I had mine out, I read up on it.  Back then, the appendix was considered a vestigial organ that at some point in human evolution was part of the digestive system but now only does one thing, cause appendicitis.  Lately it’s thought that perhaps it produces good bacteria for the large intestines—since it’s located at the junction of that and the small intestin

Walk on the Wild Side VII

In this segment, we have a few very special flowering plants, the Florida Milkvine and the wild orchid, Rose Pogonia. These flowering plants flourish and thrive right where they are, in the wild. The reason these and any other flowering plants grow in a particular spot or area is because it’s their preferred natural habitat. The soil, the amount of shade or sunlight and other natural factors including wildfire give them life, energy, and nutrients to grow.

Show Us Your SunShine: Virtual Anniversary Visit

When a couple has been united in marriage for a quarter of a century, not even the greatest of obstacles can keep them apart. This was proven once again recently at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, when a patient received a grand gesture of love from her husband of 25 years; one orchestrated with a little help from Oak Hill staff.

Robert and Penny Craig will celebrate their 26th anniversary on May 29.

A Mission to Save Florida Native Plants

For the past month, Lilly Browning, Hernando County Utilities Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator, and I showcased some beautiful native wildflowers and flowering plants that thrive in Hernando County. 

Luckily these beauties can be found in parks, preserves, wildlife management areas, and environmental areas. But some native plants are not so lucky. 

Buzz, Clip, Shave and Chop!

Hair salons and barber shops have been closed since March, but our hair hasn’t stopped growing! It’s been two months since the closure, so it’s safe to say we're all in dire need of a hair makeover. Hair salons have been open for about a week now, if they follow FL CDC guidelines. I stopped into a few shops around Hernando County to see what safety measures they’re taking and how they’re adapting to the new norm.