August 2020

Keeping up the Baseball Chemistry Despite Social Challenges

Since the second week of June, Hernando Youth League (HYL) baseball traveled from Jacksonville to Alabama to seek championship titles. 

HYL coach Tim Sims and Timothy Whatley gave these young men an outlet during the most challenging and complex time the nation is facing- to nab a World Series championship title as they traveled to Alabama over the July 24 weekend. 

SHARKs! Changing Fear to Fascination

 As the brackish waters from the coastal edge of Hernando County flow ever so smoothly into the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, that transitional blend of life turns into an oasis of mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, the fear of what is living in the vast unknown such as sharks gets a bad reputation.

With just one glance of a shark’s sharp teeth, one must assume that these predators are actively searching for their next human meal. Many media sources have embellished this horror, thus furthering the misunderstanding of these fascinating fish.

Bill Vonada back at Springstead coaching football

SPRING HILL- When Springstead High School started making a name for themselves on the high school football scene, one name always jumped out at people, and that was former head coach Bill Vonada.

Vonada built a legacy over at Springstead, which included opponents aware they’ll need to stop the run game and face a fierce defense. The former head Eagle is back at Springstead but this time as an assistant coach under Mike Garofano. Athletic director Dustin Kupcik and the school made the announcement via Twitter in an article and below is the statement put on the hiring of Vonada.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin new era in the face of COVID 19 and the Brady bunch

In the National Football League, it’s back to business as usual but obviously with some adjustments as league members try to navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic still spreading across the globe. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed quarterbacks and rookies into One Buc Place this past week and it’s been a slightly different feel to the start of camp.

Tomorrow Things

   When I was a kid, 1920 was ancient history, as was the decade of my parents’ birth, the 30s.  Likewise for the 40s and 50s.  Films of those times fascinated me, probably much like early explorers viewed the artwork on the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs.  Now in 2020, I wonder if my grandkids, who will no doubt live to see the 22nd century, might view my time just as olden.  Probably, but becaus