2020 Great Brooksvillian – Luther Cason

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2020 Great Brooksvillian – Luther Cason

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 17:37
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The selection process for Brooksville’s greatest citizens begins early in the year. The Great Brooksvillian is one who “has made significant and positive contributions to the history, culture and/or economy of our community”. 

Advertisements and flyers are created. Applications are revised and distributed. Nominations are received by mid-June, which gives the committee time to review applications and interview those who submitted them. 

This year, the committee received five nominations and held meetings on 07/08/202 and 08/12/2020 to consider the merits of each one. The nomination for Pastor Irene Wells was withdrawn. 

Robert Draper of the Great Brooksvillian Screening Committee presented the names of the three finalists: Luther Cason, Mable Sims, and Joel Ward Smith “Wardy”. 

Council Member Betty Erhard made the motion to nominate Luther Cason as the Great Brooksvillian. Vice Mayor Pat Brayton seconded the motion. 

Council Member Robert Battista stated that the Screening Committee makes it more difficult each year to select only one from among the great selections. All were deserving. Mayor Joe Bernardini agreed, though of the three nominees, he knew only Cason personally. 

The nomination was approved unanimously. No date for the presentation of the Great Brooksvillian plaque to the family was announced at this meeting.

The Hernando Sun looks forward to bringing you a story on Luther Cason 2020 Great Brooksvillian. 

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