“…For the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 (KJV) In 1 Samuel 13:14, God expressed how He sought out “a man after His own heart” to rule over His people. He chose David to become king. Now David was not the “perfect” example of a human being by any means. He made mistakes and errors just like everyone else. David had even committed murder later on in his life. Some would consider that a “big sin”. However, David was quick to repent and truly turn away from those mistakes and sins. In his heart, David truly wanted to follow after God’s ways, even when his mind and emotions got the best of him at times, causing him to make those mistakes and errors. And God knew that. For God always looks upon and knows what really is in our hearts. When David recognized the error of his ways, he would completely turn 180 degrees away from those mistakes. He truly would turn his back on his old way of thinking and choose to follow God’s ways instead. It was a choice and decision on David’s part. This is what true repentance is. And it was also a choice and a decision on David’s part to accept God’s forgiveness. David chose not to believe thoughts of doubt and condemnation in his own mind. He resolved to start anew and chose to put those mistakes in the past. This is what accepting God’s forgiveness means. Forgiveness is not about pretending like an error never happened. But is about moving past that error and starting over fresh with a new beginning. Sometimes accepting God’s forgiveness can be hard on our own minds. Sometimes our past mistakes and sins are more real to us than God’s forgiveness. We sometimes feel not good enough and keep our distance from God. At other times, we feel that “we’ve made our bed, and now must lie in it”, so to speak. However, this is not true. God’s forgiveness is not about being good enough or deserving it. Because the truth is, none of us “deserve” God’s forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is a true unconditional gift from God, freely given to us, with no conditions to be met to be deserved or earned in order to receive it. We don’t earn God’s forgiveness and could never do so. All we have to do is just ask for God’s forgiveness, and then just accept it as a gift. Period. And then, truly turn away 180 degrees from our past errors and not repeat them again. Just as the old year 2016 is in the past, and we have started this new year 2017, we can start fresh and new in our lives with God’s forgiveness. The past is the past. Past errors. Past mistakes. Put them in the past and accept God’s forgiveness for a new life. You can start fresh again with God’s ever loving kindness, mercy, and forgiveness. Start today.

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