Get to know us: Julie B. Maglio

by Rocco Maglio
[email protected]

Julie B. Maglio is not just the editor of the Hernando Sun. She also owns and publishes the paper. She has learned the newspaper business on the job and is becoming very knowledgeable on full truck ads, above the fold, and all things related to the business.

Julie is from a family of artists and is pretty accomplished as a large oils and mixed media painter. Her artistic talents were displayed in some of the earlier papers in the form of cartoons, but currently are only displayed in portions of the layout and some of the ads.

In 2015 with the closing of the Hernando Today newspaper, Julie set out to create a newspaper so that Hernando County still had a local paper. A local newspaper informs the community of issues that are happening. Many times these issues are invisible to people who do not live, work, and play in the local community.

Previously she was working on her masters for Medical Entomology at the University of Florida. Life interrupted and she had the first of four children. As her children grew older she was able to undertake a new challenge.

Julie's four children help out with the newspaper. The oldest child, her daughter Hanna writes a Julie's Child cooking column and contributes an infrequent article. The younger children help with sorting, counting, and storing the leftover newspapers.

Julie is one of several Julie Maglio's. Her mother-in-law is Julie A. Maglio and her middle daughter is Julie C. Maglio. This was because her husband was amused by the sequence. Julie A. runs Wider Horizons School with her husband Domenick.

Julie loves the newspaper and puts her heart and soul into creating the best newspaper she can with limited resources. She has assembled a great team that helps her to create this amazing newspaper.

Full disclosure: The author of this article is married to Julie B. Maglio

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