Get to know us: Sue Quigley

Sue Quigley is a soft spoken, low-key individual with a keen eye for design and a flair for the written word. She hails from Scotland in an area known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands.’ The village in which she spent her childhood is called Doune and is dominated by a 14th century castle. She describes the village as being “way out in the heather,” the nearest big city being Stirling in Perthshire — which also has its own famous castle, once the home of Mary Queen of Scots.

Sue’s family name is Malcolmson — a sept of the McLeod Clan from the Western Isles. Her heritage can be traced back to the 12th century. Educated in both England and Scotland, she graduated the University of Glasgow with an MA in English and Medieval History.

After graduating university, she began working in the airline industry as a flight attendant initially with British United and BOAC. But most of her career was spent in service with Pan American Airlines where she was frequently assigned to east- and westbound round-the-world flights. This is where she met her husband Giovanni Quigley, then a Pan Am regional cargo sales manager. Sue has flown on an Air France Concorde and was also a crew member on an inaugural 747 flight into London in the 70s.
“The Boeing 747 was a beautiful airplane,” she said.”I’m sad it’s being phased out in favor of the more efficient and economical jetliners,”

After 14 years of flying, Sue says traveling today has changed quite a bit from her days as a flight attendant in the 70s and 80s.

“Passengers used to dress up for their flights,” she said. “Nowadays, they dress down to flip flops and strapless tops.”

Asked what her favorite locale in the world was, she said it was The Maldives, a group of 1,190 individual islands, peppered across the Indian Ocean, just below India and Sri Lanka. “It’s so beautiful there,” she remarked.

Sue’s newspaper career began in Scotland when she started writing for The Herald, formerly known as the Glasgow Herald. The newspaper was founded in 1783 and is the longest running national newspaper in the world and is the eighth oldest daily paper in the world. 

In between raising her three children, Sue worked at the University of Strathclyde as an administrator but overseas destinations soon beckoned taking her — and her 6-year-old daughter Francesca — to St. Lucia, near Brisbane, Australia for a 2-year contract in public relations. From there, she accepted another posting at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.

“This is where I learned all about Apple Mac computers,” she said.

“Apple had donated some of the very first Apple Macs to the institute for the graduate students to use and I got the opportunity to get training from Apple itself.”

During her sojourns overseas, Sue has met some famous personages including the King and Queen of Thailand, Pope John Paul II, the Sultan of Brunei, Princess Diana and a few others.

“Meeting the Pope at the Holy See in Bangkok was very special,” she said.

Back in Scotland after four years in Thailand, she and her family had the opportunity to come work in the United States. They chose to come to Florida.

“It was easy to choose Florida as we had spent so many lovely vacations here,” she said. “Coming from sun-deprived Scotland, the chance to live and work in a sunny climate was most welcome.”

Sue’s first job in Hernando County was as a graphic artist with Spring Hill Printing Plus. From there, she was introduced to Duane Chichester, publisher of The Hernando Today newspaper and began training staff in desktop publishing software. She remained with Hernando Today for nearly 14 years until she resigned in 2007 as managing editor to take a new posting in New Delhi, India with a media company contracted to edit and produce large publications worldwide. A 24-hour operation, she managed teams of editors and paginators usually working on the night shift on US real time. Clients included the Miami Herald, the Wall Street Journal plus several mideast and European newspapers. Her contract ended in 2009 and she headed back to Florida working as an editor with the Tampa Tribune and also as a contributor for Hernando Today shortly until they closed.  

Now with the Hernando Sun since April 2016, Sue is our business and community features writer as well as a paginator for the newspaper.

“It was very avant-garde of Julie and Rocco Maglio to make sure we still have a local newspaper,” Sue said. “I enjoy writing stories about people in the county with such interesting and unusual professions and it’s so refreshing to see more and more young couples with children moving into the county.”  

Sue, now widowed, has three grown children all of whom reside in the US, a daughter in Tampa and another daughter and son in New York.

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