• All Contestants Receive Green Ribbon and T-Shirt
  • Little Hannah Hutchinson gets ready to ride.
  • Hailey Hutchinson is awarded the blue ribbon for mutton busting.
  • Hazel Harper has a tight hold on her sheep.
  • Kendall Copelano on his way to the ground!
  • Lois Aviles holds on tight!
  • Michael Smith can't hold on any longer!
  • Colton Pardue holdin' tight out the gate.
  • Hunter Devay feeling confident.
  • Daniel Lane and his mutton are to a slow start
  • Diana Rivers is ready to go!

Mutton Busting action at the Hernando County Fair

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Mutton Busting action at the Hernando County Fair

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 13:59
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The Hernando County Fair, held April 13- 21, 2018 featured a variety of youth livestock entertainment events including a Mutton Busting competition.  Mutton Busting is a rodeo type activity for children.  The idea is similar to bronc or bull riding. Kids gear up and hold on tight for a bumpy ride.  While all the young contestants were brave and tried their best, Hailey Hutchinson was the big Mutton Busting champion this year at the Hernando County Fair.


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