Notes from the Museums - Choppers & Grinders

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Notes from the Museums - Choppers & Grinders

Fri, 08/06/2021 - 12:18
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By Mary Sheldon

President, Hernando Historical Museum Assoc., Inc.


Southern cooks are well-known for adding tasty garnishes of pecans or peanuts to their meal creations. Early settler cooks didn’t have the convenience of crushed or grated nut meats in a plastic pouch ready to pluck from the grocer’s rack.

There are many tools for getting the nuts to just the right grade of coarseness that the recipe calls for. For the coarse job, maybe to add to a banana bread, a good wooden bowl with either a single edge or multiple edge chopper would do the job. For a finer product, an actual nut grinder was the ticket. If there was a large quantity to process, then the cook might find a grinder that screwed onto a table top to be really handy. 

Whether to chop or grind, an array of fascinating kitchen tools may be found in the kitchen at the May-Stringer Museum. 


The Museums are open!

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