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Enrichment Centers face closure in June if funding isn't secured

By Julie B. Maglio
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According to the 2018 Hernando County Statistical abstract report, “Hernando has one of the greatest proportions of individuals over the age of 65 in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater MSA. At 27 percent, it is only second to Citrus county, which has over one-third of the population over 65. Approximately 4% of Hernando’s residents are over the age of 85, which is greater than the Florida average of 3%.” 

Rack Wars!

Welcome to the cutthroat brutal world of newspaper rack sales and the vicious games that are played for the sake of selling a newspaper. (Hopefully, you read this first sentence in the voice of “Red Pepper” voice-over artist for blockbuster films such as Men in Black and Armageddon.  If not please re-read it with the appropriate voice-over in your head.)

The desire to save a cemetery leads to historic preservation mission


The Sumter County Preservation Society did not exist when Della Daughtry started the Wild Cow Prairie Cemetery project. Della is an independent citizen and freelance artist who wanted to save the forgotten cemetery in Sumter County and ensure it was being taken care of. 

Della and her husband John Daughtry started going out to the Wild Cow Prairie Cemetery to take photos, research, and eventually wrote historical nominations for the cemetery that has gone to the state and national registries.

Trump nominates Bradenton Police Chief to serve as US Marshal for the Middle District of Florida

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President Trump has nominated Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan to serve as U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Florida.  Her predecessor William Benedict Berger Sr. was appointed by President Obama in 2010. 

County leases building for relocation of several county offices

For the moment, the county is veering from the path of constructing a new government center at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Airport Industrial park.  They will temporarily lease an 18,000 square foot building from Dennis and Pamela Wilfong also located at the Airport Industrial Park (15470 Flight Path Dr.) for several government offices being displaced by the courthouse expansion project.  The leased building will house County Administration, Human Resources, Public Information, Purchasing and

Eden Baptist: 175-years and Beyond

Neighbors, kinsfolk, and congregation members greeted each other with smiles, laughter, and love-- as they always have-- in front of the church on Lake Lindsey Road.  The church called Eden Baptist has been the bedrock of this small agricultural community for 175 years: as old as the state of Florida and constituted nine years after Colonel William Lindsey, Commander of the Alabama Volunteers, was wounded by an Indian arrow.  He perished by that arrow, but not before making it to a cabin situated near a lake-- that lake was named for Colonel Lindsey.  Beh

17 years serving the tiniest most fragile lives

Premature infants are those born before the beginning of the 37th week of pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. They are susceptible to many health issues including respiratory and circulatory problems, jaundice, and difficulty feeding.  They have difficulty regulating their body temperature and may have metabolic issues.  It is also common for premature infants to have an underdeveloped immune system.