Julie B. Maglio

Valentine’s Day Weddings at the Historic Courthouse


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The Hernando County historic courtroom, built in 1913, is a very beautiful place to get married.  The vaulted ceilings, light streaming in from the large arched windows, wooden bench seats, faux pillared facade of the walls all make the courtroom, an ideal setting for any couple to take their marriage vows. To be married here is somewhat of a rare opportunity since the historic courtroom is not available to the public to be reserved for weddings.

Bills aim to create Nature Coast aquatic preserve along coastline

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Bills in both the Florida House (HB 1061) and Senate (SB 1042) have been introduced for the establishment of an Aquatic Preserve extending through Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties.  It covers submerged lands from Anclote to Yankeetown.  Rep. Massulo has sponsored the bill in the House, while Senator Albritton sponsored the senate counterpart.  

Meet Hernando County's World Changers

Beaming with joy, Carrie Wilson, school guidance counselor at Challenger K-8 was announced as the Hernando County School District Teacher of the Year at the annual gala celebration on January 10, 2020.  A boisterous crowd erupted in cheers as the announcement was made by outgoing Teacher of the Year Justen Early from Nature Coast Technical High School.

Dr. Dakeyan Cha Dre Graham, 2020 Florida Teacher of the Year, and the evening’s keynote speaker aptly described teaching as “the most noble, humbling and significant profession on the face of this planet.” 

Bond refinancing maneuver to extend state revenue

Joining Joyce McIntyre, Hernando County School District’s Director of Finance and Purchasing, for Tuesday’s workshop presentation on a bond refinancing maneuver was Ritesh Patel, the school district’s bond counsel with Nabors, Giblin and Nickerson P.A. and Laura Howe with Public Financial Management, the district’s financial management advisor.