Rocco Maglio

County seeks solutions to permitting backlog

by Rocco Maglio

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown many people have spent more time at home over the past year. The additional time spent at home appears to have resulted in an increase of home renovation projects, which has in turn led to a large permitting backlog as more permits are requested.

In Hernando County, the current wait time for a permit is several weeks at minimum, although it may be possible to speed up the process in emergency cases. If you are planning on building, submit your permit as soon as possible, because it can take a while to be approved.

Google versus Oracle: Supreme Court Decides copying APIs is Fair Use

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court voted 6-2 that copying application programming interfaces (APIs) is fair use. APIs are the names of the methods and what types of information they are passed. In 2010, Oracle had sued Google for copying the APIs for the Java Programming language when they created the Android Programming Language.

Weekend Wandering

This weekend we had family visiting. We decided to check out Webster flea market. Yes, we did remember beforehand that the market was only open on Monday. It had been many years since we visited so we checked google which showed the hours for the flea market as open on Sunday. So we headed out to Webster which is northeast of Hernando County. Well, the flea market was not open on Sunday instead there was a motorcycle show and parts swap.

Wintering in Brooksville: American White Pelicans

For over a week, Johnson Pond in Brooksville has been home to a flock of American White Pelicans. Johnson Pond is located north of Lake Lindsey Road near where it crosses US Highway 98.

The American White Pelicans generally winter on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Florida's Gulf Coast is a popular destination for their winter home. They are rarely found on the beach instead they are often found in estuaries and lakes.  The American White Pelicans are one of the largest flying birds in the area: about the size of a goose. They can grow to have a 9-foot wingspan.