Rocco Maglio

Brooksville Housing Authority accepts bid for Hillside Estates


The Brooksville Housing authority has accepted a bid for the eerily vacant Hillside Estates community which is 13.40 acres zoned multi family. The winning bid was the highest of seven bids. The bid was by Premier Housing Investments, LLC for the amount of $1,700,000.00.

The Premier Housing Investments, LLC lists Chadwick Pettinato as the Manager in SunBiz. Chadwick Pettinato is also officer on a number of other entities in SunBiz.

Senior Prom: Not just for high schoolers...


On Thursday, May 23, 2019 the Enrichment Center held their Senior Prom at the Glen Lakes Country Club. As with many proms, a king and the queen were chosen they were John and Debbie Druzbick. Enrichment Center Director Debbie Druzbick is retiring and the Senior prom was a wonderful sendoff. After a photo op, a new Prom King and Queen were chosen at random.

The incoming director Dell O. Barnes, Sr. impressed the gathering with his skills on the saxophone. There was dancing and camaraderie. 

Shred a Thon event raises funds for rescue boat


On Saturday May 25, 2019 a Shred-a-thon was held at the Towne Square Mall to help people and businesses get rid of their unwanted financial documents. This helps to prevent identity theft and other types of financial crimes.

A mobile shredding truck from Shred Quick was on hand to shred unwanted documents. The papers were put into a garbage can and lifted into the truck.

From a Garden to Frazier Farms

Frazier Farms' sweet corn is one of the special benefits of living in Hernando County. If you have not had Frazier Farms' sweet corn, you have not had corn. The corn is sold as it is picked at their barn, so the corn is at the optimal sweetness. Many times the corn is picked the morning that it is sold. Otherwise, it is picked and placed in a refrigerator to maintain its farm-fresh taste.